Service Offerings

There are plenty of agencies that claim to "do it all." That's not us.

We focus on helping organizations with existing Ruby on Rails apps make them better and more maintainable. Here are some of the engagements we provide to make that happen.

Common Engagements

Additional Services

Discover & Consult

To foster the success of your project, we start by deepening our understanding through collaborative research and ideation.

User Experience

We practice human-centered design strategy, conceptualize ideas into wireframes and making it come alive in mockups. Together with you and our development team, we'll build the blueprints needed to ensure a successful deployment.


By applying Agile methodologies to our process, your project will be roadmapped and budgeted for – without surprises. We'll establish clear expectations, well-defined deliverables and a predictable schedule.

Rails Support & Maintenance

Life doesn't end after your app launch, but it certainly moves at a different pace. Regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements are key to an efficient Rails application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Planet Argon's developers on-site or remote?

Our team is remote within both North and South America with a core cluster in Portland, Oregon USA.

Q. How much does it cost to work with Planet Argon?

We work with clients primarily on a retainer basis, so we'll suggest an amount based on the size of your needs.

Q. What's it like to work with Planet Argon?

Great question! See what some of our clients have to say about collaborating with our team on their projects.

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