What Our Clients Say

We know that hiring a new team for your project is daunting task. While we're confident that you'll fall head-over-heels for our team and process, it's best that you hear what existing clients have to say about their experience of working with us.

Candice Sombrero and Yusuke Ishikawa

Founders of Skoshbox


Phoebe O'Leary and Karissa Lowe

Meyer Memorial Trust


Robert McGinnis

Owner of Open City Freight


Marsh Myers

Education Manager at Oregon Coast Aquarium


Grant Butler and Steve Suo



Duane Benson and Adriel Henderson

Screaming Circuits

[The redesign] has allowed us to present ourselves as new and fresh in the industry. In addition to what it has done for our customers, its really put us ahead of the competition. With our old storefront, we really couldn't present ourselves in the current world of media and engineering as a leader. Now we can do that again. Now we can go head-to-head with any competition that is out there.

Duane Benson

Marketing Manager at Screaming Circuits

It really impressed us how Planet Argon always stayed on task, never felt that we were sidelined for another project. You always feel like the most important client.

Phoebe O'Leary

Director of Operations at Meyer Memorial Trust

Photo of Maz Jadallah

I can't say enough about the team at Planet Argon. We approached them over a year ago with our concept around a new investment research service. Using an agile development approach we went from concept to live beta launch with paying customers in 10 months and they did an absolutely fantastic job. Now we rely on them to host our service and to continuously improve features. If you're lucky enough to hire Planet Argon - don't hesitate. "Make it Happen!" is their motto - and believe me - they do.

Maz Jadallah

CEO at AlphaClone

After Planet Argon came in and really patched up our holes and redid our website, it eliminated so much of the manual work and the headaches that we experienced. Not only for our customers, but also on the operations end and shipping end. That just freed up so much time for Yusuke and me to be able to focus on growth, and product, and the vision.

Candice Sombrero

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer at Skoshbox

We thought we were going to have a hard time explaining what we needed and what our problems were. They were really easy to work with, they were able to grasp all of our problems and needs really quickly. They were also very attentive. Anything we needed, they helped.

Yusuke Ishikawa

CFO at Skoshbox, Inc. / Head of Subscriptions at Tokyo Otaku Mode, Inc.

Photo of Mebane Faber

Intelligent, driven, personal, and competent - all the qualities you want in a great web-design team. The took our idea and built a site that far exceeded my expectations - highly recommended!

Mebane Faber


The Oregonian and Planet Argon really are in the business of understanding people's needs for information, and how to provide it and anticipating how people want to work with information. I think Planet Argon is very effective at that.

Steve Suo

Managing Producer at the Oregonian

I felt like Planet Argon was really responsive to all the feedback we gave them and really helped craft a solution that really uniquely met our needs.

Karissa Lowe

Knowledge and Data Manager at Meyer Memorial Trust

Photo of Morgan Currie

The team at Planet Argon have been fantastic to work with. The results of the code audit have greatly benefitted our development team, and not only helped us solve some current problems with the app (and identify some issues we hadn't even noticed), but also provided us with a roadmap for the next few months as we scale our app to meet increased demand. We will definitely be working with PA again down the road!

Morgan Currie

CTO at Marcato Digital Solutions

Photo of Jeff Siarto

I felt like I had a Planet Argon engineer on my team here at Loudpixel.

The code audit made us realize that we could invest into making our current codebase better without doing a full scale re-write. Planet Argon's code audit gave me the confidence I needed to move ahead with our current application.

Jeff Siarto

Co-founder at Loudpixel

Photo of Kate Gardner

Highly recommended. These guys are quick, responsive, proactive and know their stuff.

Kate Gardner

Associate Web Producer at Contiki Holidays

Photo of David Thomas

Planet Argon taught me everything I know about Ruby on Rails. They are our first call when we need any Ruby work done, and both built and have maintained www.contiki.com for the past two years.

David Thomas

Development Project Manager at Contiki Holidays

The end product speaks for itself. It's beautiful, it's easy to use, and it's made my life a lot easier. And that right there is reason enough to work with Planet Argon when they can deliver a product that is sleek and easy to use.

Grant Butler

Food Editor at the Oregonian

Planet Argon has been an incredible stabilizing force for our web platform. We needed a partner who could plug the holes in our web environment and provide the tools needed for smooth development, testing and deployment. Planet Argon has more than met that need. They are without a doubt the most professional and adept development team I have worked with.

Adriel Henderson

Senior Web Developer at Leupold & Stevens

Planet Argon is extremely collaborative. Even with me being on the East Coast I feel like I have great communication with everyone on the team. The team is awesome at working with me and understanding the bigger picture of my project.

Robert Mcginnis

Owner at Open City Freight

Most of the other firms we approached, did not seem to care as much about understanding the vision of Oceanscape as they did in building a website. But this was never intended to be just another website. It has a specific purpose and a specific role to fill in Oregon... and that required a great eye on detail and excellent craftsmanship.

[The Discovery workshop] got our staff thinking a little more like web designers, I think. In other words, we got into a mindset closer to yours as you got into a mindset closer to ours.

Marsh Meyers

Education Manager at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Photo of Christopher Conley

When we looked for a firm to build 30elm, Planet Argon was recommended to us by numerous startups. Their praise was well-founded. From our first conversation to the present day, they've always treated our application as if it were their own. Planet Argon understands building great applications is about more than programming. It also requires tireless brainstorming and spirited collaboration, both of which Planet Argon embraces with open arms. At every step in the process, Planet Argon always worked closely with us to find smarter solutions to complex challenges. We look forward to continuing our relationship, and it is easy to see why they are one of the most respected firms in the world.

Christopher Conley

Co-Founder at 30elm