Ruby on Rails Consulting

Whether you need to address security vulnerabilities or provide a better user experience, we’ve got you covered with our flexible consulting options. If you manage a mature application, this option is ideal when navigating transitions to new codebases and planning for future scalability. Learn more about our Ruby on Rails consulting

How we help

  • Provide strategic guidance
  • Alignment with business goals
  • Drive intentional outcomes

What you get

  • Resolve critical issues
  • Expand key functionality
  • Solve highly complex issues

Future-Proof your App

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Modernize Your Rails App

Time for an upgrade? If you’re facing challenges with outdated software, security concerns, lack of support, and performance bottlenecks, we’re here to help. Our specialty is helping organizations like yours sustain, modernize, and future-proof your applications through the ever-changing tech landscape. Learn more about our Ruby on Rails upgrade services

How we help

  • Protect against cyber threats
  • Create growth launch plans
  • Adapt to new landscapes

What you get

  • Smooth upgrade process
  • Long-term maintainability
  • Expanded capabilities

Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Rails Maintenance Retainer

A Rails application's journey extends far beyond its launch. You can depend on our continuous development support for Ruby on Rails applications, the best step to take when you want to ensure your application's longevity and efficiency. Keep things running smoothly according to your budget and needs. Learn more about our long-term support

How we help

  • Ensured ongoing uptime
  • 24/7 emergency help
  • Monthly maintenance

What you get

  • Risk mitigation
  • Ongoing integration testing
  • Backup protocols

Be Protected

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Fractional Ruby on Rails Development

Seeking flexible and cost-effective Ruby on Rails development without the commitment of hiring a full-time team? Our network of expert Rails developers is ready to complement your crew. Bring in specialized skills minus the hiring hustle. Learn more about our fractional Rails development services

How we help

  • Fractional, specialized skills
  • Increase speed and ease of use
  • Take ideas to deliverables

What you get

  • Flexible engagement options
  • An agile, dependable team
  • Specialized expertise

Lean on Us

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Organizations Hiring

Are you struggling to find qualified Rails developers? Leverage our network of rigorously-vetted onshore and nearshore talent to get specialized skills aligned with your needs. Learn more about our Rails recruiting services

How we help

  • Intros to strong candidates
  • Facilitated onboarding
  • Stress-free recruiting

What you get

  • Keep your projects moving
  • Save time in recruiting process
  • Our continuous support

Match With Top Talent

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Don't Get Caught With Your Apps Down.

Modernize, protect, and future-proof your applications. We'll ensure your applications stay operational even when the unexpected happens.

Discovery & Consultation

From collaborative research and ideation to expert guidance on project goals, we'll help you with your Ruby on Rails app during any stage of its lifecycle.


Clear expectations, well-defined deliverables, and predictable schedules. Using Agile methodologies, we roadmap and budget your project without surprises.

Technology We Work With

Ruby on Rails
Refinery CMS

Services We Have Integrated

Jira Software


Human-centered design ensures we go beyond aesthetics. We'll build the blueprints with you and our dev team that lead to a successful deployment.


We match needs with expertise to eliminate uncertainty, hasten delivery, and reduce the financial risks associated with conventional recruiting services.

The questions we hear most

From pricing to process, we answer your top FAQs.

See All FAQs Get In Touch

Where are Planet Argon's team members located?
Our core team and nearshore engineers work remotely across North American time zones.
What type of work do you focus on?
We help with overdue upgrades, feature development, optimization, and long-term maintenance of Ruby on Rails apps.
What industries do your clients work in?
Most commonly, Publishing, Education, Finance, Real Estate, and e-commerce. Visit our client list.
Could I speak to your current and/or former clients?
Yes! Our clients seem open to sharing their experience. Ask us for an intro. In the meantime, visit our testimonials.
What tools will we need to use to collaborate with your team?
We use JIRA to collaborate on your tickets and we will provide you with training on how to use it. Additionally, we use Slack channels for specific launch conversations and video conferencing tools for meetings. There will be many ways for you to interact with our team, and we'll be happy to provide training on any new tools you may need to use.