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Has your organization decided to decommission your Ruby on Rails application?

Does your organization need guidance on decommissioning a Ruby on Rails application?

It might seem weird for a company that focuses on helping organizations with existing Ruby on Rails applications make them better and more maintainable to also offer a service that helps them retire their apps.

There comes a time in almost every software application when it reaches the end of its lifecycle. While we don't advocate for big rewrites, we understand that some custom software projects no longer provide the value they once did.

If your organization is considering this, it can be helpful to bring in a team like Planet Argon to guide you through the process to avoid any negative on your organization's data, security, or reputation.

Schedule a discussion about retiring your application.

Our team of software engineers has developed a comprehensive process to help organizations decommission their Ruby on Rails applications. We have experience navigating the obstacles of retiring an app, and we are committed to guiding our clients through this process safely, securely, and efficiently.

Our Ruby on Rails app sunsetting service includes the following:

  • Helping you "keep the lights on" until the app is shut down
  • Detailed analysis of your Ruby on Rails application and its external dependencies
  • A comprehensive multi-phase plan for decommissioning your application
  • A reliable data backup and retention plan
  • Assistance with data migration between platforms
  • Guidance on compliance requirements
  • Help reduce your ongoing deployment and hosting service costs
  • Advice on any potential risks or challenges

We aim to make decommissioning as painless as possible for our clients while ensuring their data is protected and their reputation remains intact. With our help, you can confidently move on from your Ruby on Rails application, knowing that you have done so responsibly and securely.

Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for building web applications, but as with any software, there are scenarios when products should be shut down and archived. Our team can help you plan for the eventual retirement of your Ruby on Rails application by working with you to identify the most critical aspects of your application and plan for its secure decommissioning.

If you want to learn more about our Ruby on Rails application decommissioning service, please don't hesitate to schedule a call.

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Take a few minutes to listen to this episode on the Ruby on Rails Podcast as host Brittany Martin and I discuss the process in more detail. ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

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"Working with Planet Argon has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to them was very smooth, and they took care of everything within a very short period of time."
5.0 star rating
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"While their approach to customer serivce and client relations is great, what I actually found most impressive was their ability to help develop solutions in creative ways."
5.0 star rating
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"I am impressed at their ability to take on our multiple, complicated existing apps and learn them quickly and well, and quite happy with the numerous improvements they have made for us. "
5.0 star rating
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" Their ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively and willingness to teach has been amazing and very much appreciated."
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