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We are Planet Argon: a mix of designers and developers, strategic thinkers and project managers.

Planet Argon About Us

Our Story

When Planet Argon was started, we wanted to create a collaborative space for nonconformists and eccentrics to combine forces and make a positive impact on our industry. We’re not into fake smiles and schmoozing. We don’t attend networking events so that we can pass our business cards out to a bunch of random people. We don’t work insane hours to meet deadlines.

We care more about making a difference than how much we’ll earn in our lifetime. We don’t accept projects that we don’t believe in. We ensure that our employees get time away from the studio each year so that they can feel refreshed and productive when they’re working on our client projects. And we don’t recruit and/or work with anyone that doesn’t share those values.

We believe that this allows us to be more empathetic and mindful about our customer’s users when we’re not having to hide our authentic selves.

We give a shit.

Planet Argon Timeline

From the humble beginnings in a Portland apartment in 2002 to the agency it is today, here is our story.

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The Values of an Argonista

At Planet Argon our core focus is to simplify lives through digital technology. We value proactiveness, dependability, versatility, collaboration and delightfulness.

What Makes Us Different?

Life at Planet Argon

Wonder what it's like to work at Planet Argon or work with us? Learn more about the culture we thrive in and the benefits of working here.

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We always have our eyes peeled for talented individuals to potentially join our team here in Portland, Oregon. Introduce yourself by contacting us at jobs@planetargon.com. Who knows, we may be looking for someone just like you!

Our Partners

While we work with our clients as partners, we also partner with other companies and organizations, whether to collaborate on our project or just give back to the community. Here is a list of our partners we’ve trusted and worked with over the years.

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