Internship Opportunities

Hone your technical skills in a creative agency environment, while tackling real-world projects.

Are you someone starting out in the industry? We were just like you once and know how helpful it is to learn from someone who’s been there.

That’s why we started the Planet Argon intership program. As an intern, you can choose a career path you’re interested and spend a few months with the team learning what it takes to make it happen!

The Timing

Our program runs year-round as positions are needed, and typically run 8 weeks. We can work with you on a schedule and timeframe that works best for both parties, should you be interested in one of our open internships

Choose Your Role

We offer five unique roles. Select the role that best describes the position you are looking for, then explore the qualifications and requirements.

User Experience & Design Strategy

☹️ Closed

Are you the type that loves to design solutions for user problems? Does generating ideas and brainstorming sound like a fun way to spend your day? In this position, you’ll learn how to uncover problems, develop roadmaps based on design strategy, wireframe solutions and work on bringing ideas to life.

Project Management

☹️ Closed

Not really a designer or developer, but love to manage projects and people? Are you analytical and love to stay organized and focused? As a Project Management Intern, you’ll learn how to build projects, maintain budgets and keep an eye on schedules and resources in order to manage the biggest clients in the industry.

Front-End Development

☹️ Closed

Want to dive deeper into HTML/CSS? Love how animation and transitions can make an application more delightful? Great! Sign up! As a front-end developer you’ll work closely with the design team and backend development to bring ideas to life, just like that.

Back-End Development

☹️ Closed

Looking to deepen your coding skills? Interested in Ruby on Rails? Our backend team is the core to our work. As an intern, you’ll learn to develop alongside our talented programmers, from building to launch, writing specs, testing and everything in between.

Marketing & Sales

☹️ Closed

Are you the type who has an eye for brands and marketing campaigns? Do you have the ability to understand and speak to people in your copy (instead of just at them)? As a marketing and sales intern, you’ll be focused on how content can promote the brand and target the right audience.

Portrait of Gauri Joshi with a friendly smile

I am working as an Associate Software Developer with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My internship at Planet Argon definitely helped me succeed here - especially my experience in working on legacy codebases in Rails. I continue to do development work in Rails and have immersed myself in a few things DevOps related, including setting up CI pipelines and containerizing apps with Docker - tools that I was introduced to during my internship! I'm excited to continue growing and learning more as a developer.

Gauri Joshi

Ruby on Rails Intern, 2024

Liz Lackey

I appreciated the warm welcome and getting to work on so many projects that expanded my knowledge and skill set. I learned so much while here: how to work with a team, communicate, navigate new (to me) tools, and take accountability for work progress. I loved working with a team that valued my input and ideas, and I'm so grateful for the exceptional mentorship and guidance I received.

Liz Lackey

Digital Marketing Intern, Summer 2023

Ginger Kretschmer

I am so appreciative of Planet Argon's amazing staff (my now friends), clients & company ethos, and bottom line, their openness to code school interns of all backgrounds/genders/places in life. As a 34-year-old new mom who got hired straight out of this Planet Argon internship, I am beyond grateful.

Ginger Kretschmer

Summer 2018

Nate McGregor

I can confidently say that Planet Argon was an excellent company to intern for. I received mentorship from every developer at some point. I was exposed to so many different libraries, frameworks, tools, and applications of which I had the freedom to explore and learn.

Nate McGregor

Summer 2018

Jessicah Wager

Planet Argon has a culture of 'openness', making for an ideal environment in which to learn and stretch your skills. Ideas are encouraged for the greater good. In my time with Planet Argon, I felt my contributions were valued. I appreciated the blend of guidance, support, and autonomy. It was a great internship experience!

Jessicah Wager

Summer 2015

Planet Argon Team Working

Becoming an intern was a great way to jump start my career. I hit so many walls trying to teach myself the ins and outs of design/development. Being at Planet Argon each day meant having a fountain of knowledge available to me whenever I needed. Being in this environment, as well as constructive critiques, helped improve the quality of my work in such a short period of time!

Corinne Kunze

Spring-Summer 2013

The Benefits

School credit and compensation

Dedicated time with team and mentors

Work on real-world client projects

Dedicated professional development time

Industry experts as peers

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this last?

Internships usually last around 8 weeks, but we can accomodate different schedules and timelines.

Is there compensation?

We offer a $2,000 per month stipend, or course credit.

Will I work on any client projects?

Yup! You’ll work on client and internal projects. And since our engagements usually last a few months, you may work on a few different projects during your time here.

Is there a specific internship season (like summer)?

Sort of. We have set periods throughout the year, so as to accomodate groups of interns. But there are three options, so as not to limit to just one time of year.

Internship Toolkit

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We've open sourced our entire approach to tech internships, from recruitment, interviewing, an intern's first day on our team, and the day-to-day work our interns will experience.

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