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Ruby on Rails consulting

We work side-by-side with you to strengthen your Rails app, so it's ready to scale as your business reaches new heights.

Don't go it alone

Ruby app monthly protections

Ongoing app management

We don't just keep the lights onโ€”we proactively maintain your app, solve problems, and regularly implement improvements.

Lock in ongoing app evolution

Impactful upgrade strategies

Ruby on Rails upgrade kickoff

We'll customize a strategy that your development team can use to upgrade your application, improving its maintainability, security, and sustainability.

Avoid upgrade pitfalls

Rails experts on tap

Fractional Ruby on Rails development

We're your team of specialized Rails experts, ready to provide flexible support and extra skills to complement your team on demand.

Eliminate resourcing lag

Vetted candidates

Ruby on Rails recruiting

We tap into our connections to introduce you to Ruby developers who are the right culture fit and equipped for your stack - minus the recruiting hassle.

Skip the job boards

Here's how we start

Our proven process helps you regain control of your Ruby on Rails application, so you can get back to focusing on core priorities.


We'll host in-depth discussions to align on goals, challenges, and budget for your project.


We'll deliver a tailored action plan outlining steps to achieve your ambitions. Free.


Once you give us the ๐Ÿ‘, weโ€™ll get your project back on track so you focus on other priorities.

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What our clients are saying about us

Photo of Krista Sharlin
5.0 star rating

Digital and Social Media Manager at Applegate

The team at Planet Argon quickly became an extension of our own and they continue to be strong and trustworthy development partners. We truly feel they have our best interest in mind, and their expertise goes beyond the technical. Their relationship management with their clients is unparalleled in my experience.

Photo of Twila Rios
5.0 star rating

Manager of Digital Information Systems at Office of the General Convention

Planet Argon is consistently responsive and delivers their tasks on time. They contact me when aspects of the project need to be discussed and provide me with a detailed approach to their plans and actions.

I am impressed at their ability to take on our multiple, complicated existing apps and learn them quickly and well, and quite happy with the numerous improvements they have made for us. Also, their attention to maintenance and support tasks, in addition to development, has been great.

Photo of Alexandra Stankiewicz
5.0 star rating

Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Online Sales at Aloha

Planet Argon migrated our site and then completed maintenance and bug fixes. They made changes as needed, such as updating product pricing.

Planet Argon was a top-notch partner agency that provided a great service experience. They truly recognized the importance of e-commerce to our business. The team never overlooked an opportunity to engage consumers through the site.

Photo of Zachary O'Connor
5.0 star rating

Digital Media Specialist at Applegate

The Planet Argon team are instrumental partners in accomplishing our digital projects and larger goals. Their ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively and willingness to teach has been amazing and very much appreciated. They quickly became invaluable members of our group.

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The Planet Argon advantage

Our proven process, experience, and results enable us to optimize ROI on existing investments.

A proven process

You're probably juggling multiple priorities at the moment. Our four-step process was designed to help you quickly get your project back on track.

Experience with complex problems

Projects often come with complications, but don't worry. Our seasoned team has a proven track record of turning the most complex problems into success stories.

Guidance & training

Imagine a collaborative partnership where your team learns and grows alongside ours. After all, we're in this together!

Shipped results

We don't just make promises- we deliver. Now, your project is ready to go out and make an even bigger impact in the world!

An image with a illustration of Robby that reads: Maintainable, the art of improving existing software with Robby Russell. A podcast from Planet Argon.

Maintainable Software Podcast with Robby Russell

We speak with seasoned practitioners who have worked past the problems often associated with technical debt and legacy code. You'll uncover new ways of thinking about how to improve your software project's maintainability.

Enjoy the Show

Delightful team

Meet our delightful team

If you're seeking an experienced partner to set your ambitious ideas in motion and help scale your business to new heights, you're in the right place. You can trust us to make it happen!

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Success stories

See more stories of impact
Case study iwt

I Will Teach

An adaptable online course application supporting tens of thousands of active students.

Ruby on Rails Development React Frontend Development

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Case study justin guitar

Justin Guitar

We helped Justin Guitar improve their server tools by adding Cloud66 to their AWS setup.

Ruby on Rails Development Data Management Devops Development

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The questions we hear most

From pricing to process, we answer your top FAQs.

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Where are Planet Argon's team members located?
Our core team and nearshore engineers work remotely across North American time zones.
What type of work do you focus on?
We help with overdue upgrades, feature development, optimization, and long-term maintenance of Ruby on Rails apps.
What industries do your clients work in?
Most commonly, Publishing, Education, Finance, Real Estate, and e-commerce. Visit our client list.
Could I speak to your current and/or former clients?
Yes! Our clients seem open to sharing their experience. Ask us for an intro. In the meantime, visit our testimonials.
What tools will we need to use to collaborate with your team?
We use JIRA to collaborate on your tickets and we will provide you with training on how to use it. Additionally, we use Slack channels for specific launch conversations and video conferencing tools for meetings. There will be many ways for you to interact with our team, and we'll be happy to provide training on any new tools you may need to use.