I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Ramit's eLearning Management System

An adaptable online course application supporting tens of thousands of active students.
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I Will Teach You to be Rich
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The Challenge

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is the brainchild of Ramit Sethi, New York Times Bestselling author and Wall Street Journal bestseller. His work has grown from a single book on financial advice to a full suite of courses on building a business, finding your dream job, and much more.

When I Will Teach You To Be Rich reached out to Planet Argon in 2019, they had an outdated PHP app that was difficult for their team to maintain. On top of being unmanageable, the app was full of hard coded data and tons of legacy content. They needed a tool that worked for their team – and they needed it in time to launch Earnable, their most anticipated course launch yet. 

The Process

Planet Argon worked alongside I Will Teach You To Be Rich in agile sprints to create an application that allows their team to build and update their full suite of products, including courses and course bundles. 

Previously, the product was hardcoded per page which made for a tricky data migration. I Will Teach You To Be Rich needed to relaunch the new application with all of the current product offerings functioning perfectly for their tens of thousands of users. We had to move efficiently yet meticulously, moving both legacy and new content to the new system and formatting it into fresh and modern designs.

The Result

I Will Teach You To Be Rich users have a smooth and consistent user experience throughout the application, increasing trust in the brand.

Updates to the admin system allows I Will Teach You To Be Rich to be nimble and iterative with their product offerings. New feature development that would have taken six months in the old product now takes six weeks or less to implement. In 2020, their team was able to conceptualize, create, and sell a new product for their customers in less than a week. Previously, this process would have taken more than a month.

As we transition out of agile sprints and into long term maintenance with I Will Teach You To Be Rich, their team is equipped with a consistent and dependable application – complete with documentation on how everything works! Their support team is able to resolve user issues quickly without always needing developer support. And I Will Teach You To Be Rich is able to grow their business and help more people increase their financial stability, start a new business, and ultimately build their dream life.

Project Artifacts

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