Applegate: A Manageable Rails-based CMS

Applegate design
Skills Provided
Front-End Development, Design Strategy, UX Design, Ruby on Rails Development

The Challenge

Applegate is a leader in the natural meat product space. We partnered with Applegate a few years ago as they were looking for a design and development partner to improve their existing website that is supported by a Ruby on Rails-based CMS. Their visitors were skewing toward mobile, and they needed a flexible site that would support that trend.

The Process

Beginning with our initial discovery phase meetings, our designers and front-end developers worked to ensure we were building solutions that supported Applegate's company goals. Over the first year, we completely redesigned Applegate's website to be mobile-friendly and easy for their end users to navigate. 

Their website is built with Refinery, an open source Ruby on Rails CMS (and the same tool we use to manage our own website!) Our partnership also included creating a style guide for Applegate, along with styling page templates that allow them to easily manage their own content.

But our partnership didn't end when the redesign launched. Since this initial project, we have built landing pages that have supported Applegate's various marketing campaigns – from their mission statement to their 30th anniversary.

The Conclusion

We continue to be Applegate’s partner for support, maintenance, and new features of their website. Over our ongoing two year partnership, we have handled front-end development, design strategy, and back-end development for Applegate. As their needs grow and change, we’ll continue to adapt our partnership to best help them meet their business goals.

Their in-house digital team is better able to focus on the rest of their responsibilities without stressing over the state of their Ruby on Rails application. And that’s truly what our team does best – we handle our clients’ Rails app development so they’re best equipped to exceed their company goals. We’re excited to continue to partner with Applegate to support their business as it grows and evolves.

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