Justin Guitar: Helping busy developers make confident deployments.

We helped Justin Guitar improve its server tools by adding Cloud66 to its AWS setup.
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Justin Guitar
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The Challenge

Justin Guitar is an online platform that teaches people how to shred guitars. From online tutorials to in-person workshops, Justin Guitar facilitates thousands of users’ needs through their Ruby on Rails application.

In late 2022, Justin Guitar came to Planet Argon with the challenge of making their application’s deployment pipeline simpler and more independent. This had the added goal of bringing services in-house so that their developer had more insight into the process, resources being utilized, and control over the growth of the applications infrastructure.

The Process

To start the project, Planet Argon audited the current infrastructure and the available migration options, considering the size of the application, 3rd party connections to services like Stripe, and ease of use. Planet Argon wanted to address one key concern: the ability to increase or decrease server resources without having to interface with infrastructure as code or learn how to navigate the many layers of AWS UI.

As part of the original audit, Planet Argon explored using services like Digital Ocean, Heroku, and other server-providing services.

The Results

We chose Cloud 66 as the best option to interface with the complicated areas of AWS infrastructure. This removed ambiguity around more complex actions and provided a button-based approach to scaling the size of a server, disabling resources manually with a toggle, and implementing clear monitoring.

Now the team can confidently deploy, roll back changes if needed, and set up new server resources on the fly!

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