Looking to Recruit Ruby on Rails Engineers?

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We help organizations that are struggling to vet, hire, and retain experienced Ruby on Rails engineers.

Are Your Current Recruiting Efforts Ineffective?

Hiring the right Ruby on Rails engineer to join your team is time-consuming. Yet it's vital for a healthy and maintainable engineering team.

Your team needs to bring in a few more developers as soon as possible. You've posted job ads on websites, LinkedIn, and other community forums, but your efforts have been ineffective. Meanwhile, you're unable to push projects forward, and your backlog is growing.

What if There Was a Simple Solution?

  • Have more confidence that candidates have the experience and skills your organization needs.
  • Receive support throughout the onboarding process.
  • Lean on our entire engineering team for help and guidance if needed.
  • Only pay for our recruiting service if we do a great job making a match for you!

We Can Help.

This year, Planet Argon is piloting a new recruiting service where we'll match you with quality candidates looking for a new opportunity. We've been a part of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem since 2004, and we've hired, collaborated with, and mentored well over 100 Rails developers in this time.

Simply fill out the Recruiting form, letting us know what you're looking for, and we'll schedule a time to talk about how we can help you. No payment is required!

Schedule a 40-minute chat about your organization's needs.

Benefits of Using Our Recruiting Services

  • We’ve worked with some of the top talent in the Ruby on Rails community. 
  • We’ve excellent relationships with businesses and prospective candidates. 
  • We understand the skills needed for various projects. We have access to a talented pool of candidates. 
  • We work with companies to understand the job requirements. 
  • Hiring a referral lowers financial risk. Recruits can lean on our team for guidance and help if needed. 
  • We know the right questions to ask recruits and companies to make a thoughtful, optimal match. 
  • We have an effective recruitment process. 
  • We have already vetted 100s of peers, saving time for all of us. 
  • We can minimize the competition by introducing a smaller, more qualified group of candidates. 
  • We are “in the know” on engineers who aren’t actively looking for a new job but just might be the perfect match for your team. 
  • We are involved with and improve upon the onboarding process. 
  • We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee (our % fee) for developers we help place.

Our Services Also Help Minimize Distractions, Including

  • Anxiety about not knowing who to hire. 
  • Stress about the time investment or financial risk involved in recruiting a new team member. 
  • Hiring-related workload for your team. 
  • Overwhelm from delayed or backed up projects. 
  • Concern that projects won't be completed on time. 
  • Worry about uneffective recruiting processes. 
  • Stress about not having the right guidance or followthrough in onboarding.

You should be able to find skilled candidates, trust that they’ll produce quality work that matches your types of projects, and retain their talents for your company’s future.


Because we’ve met, trained, and worked with so many talented engineers over the years, we have a pretty solid process for finding the right person for the job. We’re now piloting a new service where we can apply the same vetting process that we use to help you with your recruiting needs. We both know that not everyone that you could hire is paying attention to the job boards at the moment, so we can help bridge that gap. 


 There are a lot of engineers who are excited about the latest and greatest tools, seeking greener pastures rather than refactoring and/or cleaning up technical debt. Are you trying to recruit a mender (vs a maker)? Let us help you find engineers who really enjoy the long-term maintenance of software projects. 


 We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee (our % fee) for all the Rails developers we help place. Try Planet Argon out risk-free! 


 You aren’t limited to just the experience of the engineer you hire through our recruiting services. If your engineers notice that you might benefit from the guidance of one of our team members, they can advocate that we loop them in for a few hours (or more) to assist.


 As part of this engagement, we aim to be involved in the overall onboarding experience to your team's technical stack. We’ll observe and make recommendations so that you can continue to make things great for any new hire you make in the future. 


 Unlike a lot of recruiting services, we’re not going to send generic blasts/invitations to anyone who has "Ruby on Rails" mentioned in their LinkedIn profiles. We only speak with talented candidates who have previously opted in to being open to a conversation if an interesting opportunity were to pop up.

What Clients Say About About Us

Photo of Grant Butler
"The end product speaks for itself. It's beautiful, it's easy to use, and it's made my life a lot easier. And that right there is reason enough to work with Planet Argon when they can deliver a product that is sleek and easy to use."
Photo of Adriel Henderson
"They are without a doubt the most professional and adept development team I have worked with."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Duane Benson
"[The redesign] has allowed us to present ourselves as new and fresh in the industry. In addition to what it has done for our customers, its really put us ahead of the competition."
4.5 star rating
Photo of Daniele Volpe
"Working with Planet Argon has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to them was very smooth, and they took care of everything within a very short period of time."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Christopher Conley
"Planet Argon understands building great applications is about more than programming. It also requires tireless brainstorming and spirited collaboration, both of which Planet Argon embraces with open arms."

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