Are your current recruiting efforts ineffective? We'll help you vet, hire, and retain experienced onshore or nearshore Ruby on Rails engineers.

Hiring the right Ruby on Rails engineer to join your team is time-consuming. Yet it's vital for a healthy and maintainable engineering team.

If your team needs to bring in a few more developers ASAP, but your job posting efforts have been ineffective, then your backlog is probably growing and your projects aren't moving forward.

With so many job boards and candidate options out there, it’s hard to know where to begin- do you need temporary team augmentation? Onshore or nearshore talent? How do you know you’re hiring the right support that you need?

There's one simple solution: By partnering with our Ruby on Rails recruiting service, you’ll have more confidence that candidates have the experience and skills your organization needs. You’ll have our support and guidance throughout the onboarding process and beyond. And you’ll only pay us if we do a great job making a match for you!

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Some of the wonderful clients who have trusted us

Here's how we can help

Your Onboarding Partners

We are involved with the onboarding process while helping you improve it for the future.

Time-Saving Processes

We have already vetted 100s of peers, saving time for all of us.

Skilled Match Makers

We know the right questions to ask you and candidates to make a thoughtful, optimal match.

In the Know

We know of a few engineers who aren’t actively job hunting but could be the perfect fit for your team.

Top Onshore & Nearshore Talent

Our peers are among the top talent in the Ruby on Rails community.

Less Noise

We can minimize the competition by introducing a smaller, more qualified group of candidates.

Expert Nearshore Talent Availability

Get access to skilled developers aligned with your team's culture and stack - without the recruitment hassle. Whether you need temporary support or a permanent addition to your team, our pre-vetted network of onshore and nearshore talent has you covered.

Stress-Free Recruiting

Eliminate the worry about projects not being completed on time, not knowing who to hire, the time investment, or the financial risk of recruiting a new team member.

Vetted Candidates from our Network

Because we’ve met, trained, and worked with so many talented engineers over the years, we have a pretty solid process for matching the right person to the right job.

Specialists in Long-Term Software Maintenance.

Are you trying to recruit a mender (vs. a maker)? We know engineers who really enjoy the long-term maintenance of software projects.

No-Risk Partnership.

We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee (our % fee) for all the Rails developers we help place. Try Planet Argon out risk-free!

Lean on Our Team’s Diverse Skillset.

You aren’t limited to just the experience of the engineer you hire through our recruiting services. If your engineers need guidance from one of our team members, we’re happy to assist.

Onboarding Support.

As your partners, we’ll be involved in the overall onboarding experience to your team's technical stack. We’ll observe and make recommendations so that you can continue to make things great for any new hire you make in the future.

Not Another Annoying Recruiting Service.

Unlike many recruiting services, we’re not going to send generic blasts/invitations to anyone who has "Ruby on Rails" mentioned in their LinkedIn profiles- only talented candidates who’ve previously opted into having a conversation should the opportunity arise.

What our clients are saying about us

Photo of Zachary O'Connor
5.0 star rating

Digital Media Specialist at Applegate

The Planet Argon team are instrumental partners in accomplishing our digital projects and larger goals. Their ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively and willingness to teach has been amazing and very much appreciated. They quickly became invaluable members of our group.

Photo of Twila Rios
5.0 star rating

Manager of Digital Information Systems at Office of the General Convention

Planet Argon is consistently responsive and delivers their tasks on time. They contact me when aspects of the project need to be discussed and provide me with a detailed approach to their plans and actions.

I am impressed at their ability to take on our multiple, complicated existing apps and learn them quickly and well, and quite happy with the numerous improvements they have made for us. Also, their attention to maintenance and support tasks, in addition to development, has been great.

Photo of Krista Sharlin
5.0 star rating

Digital and Social Media Manager at Applegate

The team at Planet Argon quickly became an extension of our own and they continue to be strong and trustworthy development partners. We truly feel they have our best interest in mind, and their expertise goes beyond the technical. Their relationship management with their clients is unparalleled in my experience.

Photo of Adriel Henderson
5.0 star rating

Web Applications Supervisor at Screaming Circuits

Planet Argon has been an incredible stabilizing force for our web platform. We needed a partner who could plug the holes in our web environment and provide the tools needed for smooth development, testing and deployment. Planet Argon has more than met that need. They are without a doubt the most professional and adept development team I have worked with.