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Recruitment is vital part of a healthy and maintainable engineering team–and it takes time to do it right.

You have plenty on your plate and vetting and interviewing Ruby on Rails developers can be difficult to fit into you and your team's already tight schedule.

Over the years, we've heard a similar story from many companies. Your team needs to bring in a few more developers, yesterday. You've posted job ads, shared links on LinkedIn and other community forums...but aren't really getting the quality of candidates that you were hoping.

For those that do apply, you aren't 100% confident that you're vetting the right people as you want to be mindful of how much time your current developers can afford to participate in recruiting processes.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have more confidence that the candidates that you are bringing in are going to have the type of experience and skills needed for your opening?

Starting in 2022, we are piloting a new recruiting service where we'll match you with quality candidates who are looking for a new opportunity if something that better matched what they were looking for in the next stage of their career.

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Leverage Our Peer Network

Planet Argon has been members of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem since 2004. We've hired, collaborated with, and mentored well over 100 Rails developers in this time. We are now piloting a new service where we can apply the same vetting process that we use to help you with your recruiting needs. We both know that not everyone that you could hire is paying attention to the job boards at the moment.

What Got You Here Won't Get You there

There are a lot of engineers who are excited about the latest and greatest tools and seek greener pastures rather than refactor and/or clean up technical debt. Are you trying to recruit a mender (vs a maker)? Let us help you find engineers who really enjoy the long-term maintenance of software projects.

A No-Risk Partnership

We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee (our % fee) for all the Rails developers we help place. Try Planet Argon out risk-free!

Access to Our Team's Diverse Skillset

You aren’t limited to just the experience of the engineer you hire through our recruiting services.. If your engineers notice that you might benefit from guidance from another one of our team members, they will advocate that we loop them in for a few hours (or more) to assist.

Improve Your Onboarding Experience

As part of this engagement, we aim to be involved in the overall onboarding experience to your team's technical stack. We will observe and make recommendations so that you can continue to make things great for the new hire you make.

Not an Annoying Recruiter

Unlike a lot of recruiting services, we are not going to send generic blasts/invitations to anyone who has "Ruby on Rails" mentioned in their LinkedIn profile. We are only going to be speaking with talent that has previously opted in to being open to having a conversation if an interesting opportunity were to pop up.

What Clients Say About Planet Argon

Photo of Karissa Lowe

Karissa Lowe, Knowledge and Data Manager at Meyer Memorial Trust

"I felt like Planet Argon was really responsive to all the feedback we gave them and really helped craft a solution that really uniquely met our needs."
Photo of David Thomas

David Thomas, Development Project Manager at Contiki Holidays

"Planet Argon taught me everything I know about Ruby on Rails. They are our first call when we need any Ruby work done, and both built and have maintained for the past two years."
Photo of Candice Sombrero

Candice Sombrero, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer at Skoshbox

"After Planet Argon came in and really patched up our holes and redid our website, it eliminated so much of the manual work and the headaches that we experienced. Not only for our customers, but also on the operations end and shipping end. That just freed up so much time for Yusuke and me to be able to focus on growth, and product, and the vision."
Photo of Duane Benson

Duane Benson, Marketing Manager at Screaming Circuits

"[The redesign] has allowed us to present ourselves as new and fresh in the industry. In addition to what it has done for our customers, its really put us ahead of the competition."
Photo of Christopher Conley

Christopher Conley, Co-Founder at 30elm

"Planet Argon understands building great applications is about more than programming. It also requires tireless brainstorming and spirited collaboration, both of which Planet Argon embraces with open arms."

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