Group shot of the Planet Argon team

2019 was a productive year at Planet Argon.

We had a couple of new clients join our portfolio. Clients that we can't really talk about, yet. (Some of them can talk about us on Clutch, though.)

We recruited new employees; a few of them who had just recently relocated to Portland, too.

We mentored six interns in 2019 in marketing, front-end development, and backend development. We're excited to watch them continue on in their career.

We launched a new podcast called Maintainable and published nearly forty episodes in the first calendar year.

We spent zero dollars on AdWords. We're focusing on building stronger relationships with our peers.

We played host for community events at our studio...and finally acquired a bunch of chairs so that we can continue hosting more.

We tackled several large projects, which helped us hit our revenue and profit goals.

We wrapped up the year with a White Elephant gift exchange.

We didn't prioritize much time for this Year in Review.

We'll try, again, next year.