Planet Argon

Year in Review 2013

The moon The Earth! That's Us!

We made new friends

While we celebrated anniversaries with current clients, we welcomed some new clients over the year.

We launched stuff

All our hard work paid off, and we have some pretty neat creations to be proud of. Here are a few:
McMenamins Meyer Memorial Trust Oceanscape Network Javelin Evil Mail Chimp We Are RCTID

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24 completed projects

Floating moon

We multiplied!

Another year and another round of friendly faces around the studio!
  • Olivia
  • Patrick
  • Corinne
  • James
  • Anya
  • Emma

We traveled...

Jack's Bike Route Vancouver, Canada San Diego, California Joshua Tree, California Las Vegas, Nevada Moab, Utah Arkansas Panama City, Florida New York City, New York Rio de Janiero, Brazil We Travelled Here!

Who: Jack

Where: Biked all over the Pacific Northwest

Why: Because he's crazy!

Who: Gary + Robby

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Why: There was another conference.

Who: Annie

Where: San Diego, CA

Why: More weddings!

Who: Jack

Where: Joshua Tree, CA

Why: Because... it's cool.

Who: Carlos

Where: Las Vegas, NV (x5)

Why: It's the only place he ever goes.

Who: Gary

Where: Moab, UT

Why: Saving animals at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Who: Brian

Where: Arkansas

Why: Meets his new nephew!

Who: Robby

Where: Panama City, Florida

Why: He said there was a "conference"... we saw lots of beach photos.

Who: Gary + Robby

Where: New York City, NY

Why: There was a conference and, strangely, Gary had never been to New York!

Who: Olivia

Where: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Why: She needed to escape the cold.

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We also...

What else happened?

Thank You!

Friends, family, fans, supporters who made this all possible

Special thanks to:

Cracker Jack Accounting, Prior Hart, Blue Box, Vitamin T, Fluent Design, Epicodus, and Portland Code School.

Also: Cooper, Dieter, Phyllis, Bernie, Zoe, Kaylee, and Teddy for keeping us company. In loving memory of Washey.