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Sergiu Truta

He / Him / His

Sr. Software Developer

Sergiu joins the Planet Argon team from Bucharest, Romania. He grew up in Transylvania (yes, it’s a real place!) before earning his Master's Degree in Telecommunications and Digital Networks from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca.

Sergiu enjoys figuring out how to solve complicated problems - both in business and in life, and he’s continually looking for ways to optimize, simplify, and implement solutions. So what better way to train and refine these skills than software development?

Beginning with Java and C++ coding classes during university, Sergiu later discovered Ruby and Rails, which led him down a path of true coding enjoyment. He also began working with frontend technologies more recently - CSS and mostly React. He feels that being able to write, debug, and work on the whole stack of an application is a fulfilling experience.

Sergiu contributed to an open source project by implementing a translation plugin for Rails called Polyglot years before Rails had a Polyglot module - could they be related? Maybe not, but Sergiu does believe everything is connected and that our purpose is to use our life experiences as a way to gain knowledge and help each other.

When he’s not working on coding projects, Sergiu enjoys being in nature and studying holistic approaches to how everything works.

The Universal Truths are simple, but to get to them you have to nurture yourself with Essences.

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