Skoshbox: Delivering a Delightful Snack-Scription Service

Strategy, design, and implementation to elevate a startup to become a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform.
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Rethinking Operations with a Focus on Growth

Learn how we eliminated the manual "headaches" to allow this small company focus on growth, product, vision.

Skills Provided
Design Consultation, Front End Development, Spree Commerce Integration, Chargify Integration

The Challenge

Skoshbox, a monthly Japanese candy and snack subscription business, quickly took off in 2014. Their original platform (a combination of WordPress + duct tape + e-commerce plugins) couldn’t keep up with their growth rate on the operational side of the business. Customer data was spread across a few platforms,thus increasing their support costs. The challenge then was to design a solution that would enable them to streamline their subscription service, add a shopping cart for one-off product purchases, and finally, integrate with a 3rd-party shipping and fulfillment platform as well as an e-commerce one.

The Process

We began by discussing the ways in which the current site was and was not meeting the Skoshbox team’s needs. Although our teams were 1000 miles apart, it was an extremely collaborative process right from the beginning, and we were quickly able to conceive of a meaningful aesthetic and strategic direction. For certain pages, like the homepage, we simply updated the appearance of the page with the signature Skoshbox manga-inspired flair. For others, such as the subscription “Plans” page, we completely restructured the layout and functionality to better serve the audience. In conjunction with the visual and interactive improvements that were being made, the development team built an entirely new back-end for the application using the e-commerce platform, Spree.

The Result

With the help of the Skoshbox team’s unique and vibrant aesthetic perspective, we enhanced the experience of using the site, adding visual richness to appeal to a diverse audience. The “Plans” page is now a robust and user-friendly hub from which a visitor can easily review their subscription options – including duration, box size, and more – making their decision-making process a little easier. We’ve also built dozens of new features, including a tighter integration between subscriptions and shop purchases, reviews, gift subscriptions, waitlists, and more. As a result of our work together, the Skoshbox team has been in a better position to grow their business, expand their consumer base, and offer more products to their customers.

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