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Outdated Rails applications can hinder development, slow down site speed, and leave you vulnerable. We can help.

While you were heads down in your backlog, new versions of Rails, Ruby, and the Gems you depend on have rolled out. Outdated applications are prone to security risks, show-stopping bugs, and incompatibilities. Plus, an update will allow your team to take advantage of updated features while building new functionality – and avoiding added technical debt.

We’ll focus on upgrading your app. Your team can focus on your customers and product. It’s the perfect pairing.

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A solid history using Ruby on Rails

In early 2005, our founder, Robby, started a blog called Robby on Rails, which was one of the most popular technical blogs in the Rails ecosystem for a number of years. Since then, the Planet Argon team has contributed bug fixes and code improvements to the framework, written tutorials, spoken at conferences, surveyed the community, and sponsored projects and events.

A proven process for a smooth upgrade

Upgrades have been built into our Ruby on Rails development projects since the beginning. They're part of the regular maintenance we perform with our long-term partners. Over dozens of upgrades, we've mastered what to look for, what to avoid, and how to ensure the update is smooth from start to finish.

Ongoing maintenance and support

We won't hit deploy and leave you hanging. We look for long-term partnerships for a reason – we want every project we touch to make a significant business impact and stand the test of time. If you're looking for someone to check in and perform routine maintenance on your application, you're in the right place.

What Clients Say About Planet Argon

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Adrian Mowat, Head of Engineering at Newspaper Club

"Adding a new unknown partner into the mix for a Rails upgrade is a bit of a risk, and we were worried we might be writing a blank check for no return. However, we actually felt very much in control throughout the project...The project was done quickly and effectively."

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