Temporary onshore and nearshore staff augmentation offers flexibility and scalability, giving you the power to get things shipped quickly.

Don’t allow resource constraints, skill gaps, or time limitations to stand in the way of your progress. We’ll work as your ally, setting you up with experienced developers who will assist your team at the right time and in the right capacity, whether they’re members of our core team, peers, or another talented engineer we know. By integrating external expertise into your team, you’ll amplify your project’s effectiveness without the overhead of full-time hires. Plus, you have the flexibility to adjust resources up or down as needed.

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Some of the wonderful clients who have trusted us

Improve Your Onboarding Experience

As we are introduced to your project, we’ll help improve your documentation and onboarding tooling so that the next developers you hire can start contributing faster.

Lean on Our Team's Diverse Skillset

You aren’t limited to the experience of developers assigned to your project. If our engineers notice that you might benefit from guidance from another team member, they will advocate that we loop them in for a few hours (or more) to assist. This might include specialized experience in AWS, Docker, Ruby on Rails, React.JS, HAML, or other technologies.

Just Need One Engineer?

Do you just need a little extra power to get through your backlog? One Backend Engineer can join your team as a member, participate in standups and pairing sessions, and help you chip away at your team's backlog.

Need a Small Pod of Engineers?

We can offer you 3+ talented people to operate as a cross-functional addition to your team, consisting of two Backend Engineers and one Frontend Engineer. They already know how to work together and can focus on specific features and projects alongside your existing team.

No-Risk Partnership.

We know it can be scary bringing an external team into your organization. We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee for all new staff augmentation partnerships, so you can try Planet Argon out risk-free!

Flexible Long-Term Maintenance Options

We also offer monthly maintenance retainer packages, allowing you to scale down our engagement from full-time staff augmentation to part-time contributors with a few hours each month.

What our clients are saying about us

Photo of Krista Sharlin
5.0 star rating

Digital and Social Media Manager at Applegate

The team at Planet Argon quickly became an extension of our own and they continue to be strong and trustworthy development partners. We truly feel they have our best interest in mind, and their expertise goes beyond the technical. Their relationship management with their clients is unparalleled in my experience.

Photo of Daniele Volpe
5.0 star rating

General Manager at The Gnomon Workshop

Working with Planet Argon has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to them was very smooth, and they took care of everything within a very short period of time. Moreover, our engagement has been successful because, thanks to them, our platform keeps growing. We’ve assigned them some development tasks, and we’ve been very pleased by how our site has been growing.

Photo of Adriel Henderson
5.0 star rating

Web Applications Supervisor at Screaming Circuits

Planet Argon has been an incredible stabilizing force for our web platform. We needed a partner who could plug the holes in our web environment and provide the tools needed for smooth development, testing and deployment. Planet Argon has more than met that need. They are without a doubt the most professional and adept development team I have worked with.

Photo of Zachary O'Connor
5.0 star rating

Digital Media Specialist at Applegate

The Planet Argon team are instrumental partners in accomplishing our digital projects and larger goals. Their ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively and willingness to teach has been amazing and very much appreciated. They quickly became invaluable members of our group.