Wheel House: A Positive Experience for Exercise Enthusiasts

A site redesign to mirror the energy of the fitness studio experience and inspire users to take their health to the next level.
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Wheel House
Health and Fitness
Skills Provided
Strategy Workshop, Responsive Design, Design Strategy & Consultation, User Experience Design, HTML5 Development, 3rd Party Integration, Application Maintenance

The Challenge

When the yoga, core strength, and indoor cycling studio Wheel House approached us, their site was already live. However, it was facing some major user experience issues and customers were complaining. They found the scheduling tool cumbersome, had difficulty finding information on the types of classes, and onboarding for first time users was nonexistent, leaving them to figure it out on their own or worse, abandon the site altogether. In addition, the site lacked a cohesive branding style and was dull compared to competition — completely opposite from the experience they were trying to represent in the studio. Our challenge was to provide an engaging experience by identifying a clear branding style, simplifying the transactional process, and guiding customers through onboarding, all while integrating a third party scheduling platform, ZingFit.

The Process

While Wheel House had a rough wireframe to explain their vision, we wanted to understand the goals they had for themselves and their users. Our discussions began with a discovery meeting, where together we identified the who’s, what’s, and why’s. This allowed us to use their ideas not only as starting point, but as a reference along the way as we redesigned the application. Following the kickoff, we launched into design strategy, reassessing the workflow and information we wanted to provide to customers. As brand and mood were missing from their current site, we created mood boards to envision their brand on the web, and used them as inspiration to finalize visual designs. As part of our strategy, we also needed to make sure our designs were feasible on ZingFit’s platform. Checkins, documentation, and a working prototype became a guide for the ZingFit development team to ensure they understood our requirements. When feasibility was an issue our team looked for solutions, like using Javascript, to ensure our requirements could be met.

The Results

The sky was the limit in terms of bringing this site to life, but the reality of integrating with ZingFit meant we had to face limitations or find creative workarounds. Using Javascript, we were able to provide an even better customer experience and eliminate some of the awkward and difficult workflows customers had complained about. With workarounds, we created custom headers that showed upcoming classes. We also were able to display the remaining balance on a customer’s account, and even pull in discounted prices on the buy page for those who had group discounts available — both of which were not possible on ZingFit’s platform alone. Along with new functionality, we created a new, one-stop onboarding section that organized the FAQ, class information, and sign-up process for new customers. All of this was done within a more vibrant, visual, and impactful design that embodied the in-person experience at the Wheel House studio.

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