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Our team has been living and breathing Ruby on Rails development since late 2004.

As one of the first few agencies to offer Ruby on Rails development to our clients, we had a first hand view of how much the framework (and community) has matured. In the early years, we had a lot of curious clients that were worried they were making a big gamble investing on an “unproven” platform. Nowadays, Ruby on Rails is widely accepted across the web industry as a robust, mature, and professional toolkit.

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A solid history using Ruby on Rails

In early 2005, our founder, Robby, started a blog called Robby on Rails, which was one of the most popular technical blogs in the Rails ecosystem for a number of years. Since then, the Planet Argon team has contributed bug fixes and code improvements to the framework, written tutorials, spoken at conferences, surveyed the community, and sponsored projects and events.

A shared team focus on user interaction

As a tool, Ruby on Rails has provided us with a cohesive set of best practices and development patterns, which our team has adopted. This has enabled our development team to focus more on how people interact with our applications rather than how we build our applications (hence the emphasis we place on design strategy).

A proven process to support your project needs

Whether you’re starting a new project or maintaining an existing one, Planet Argon is the agency capable of delivering the right solution. Our experienced team of designers and developers offer collaborative support during each phase of the development cycle, from discovery to deployment. Planet Argon is the reliable partner for both bootstrapped startup teams and backlogged internal development teams, so contact us today to learn how we can help your project achieve its goals.

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