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Hi, we're Planet Argon.

Our team of Rails developers is eager to discuss your project!

We get it. Hiring a Ruby on Rails agency probably isn’t on your bucket list. We don’t envy your situation of having to compare teams until you find the right one. Having said that—we are absolutely delighted that you found us. We will do everything we can to help you make an informed decision.

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Don't take our word for it

I was looking for a Rails development company with a proven track record and an Agile development process. Planet Argon has been very focused on our application and issues.

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Some Brands We Worked With

  • Nike
  • American Express
  • Intel
  • AlphaClone

We are Planet Argon: a mix of designers and developers, strategic thinkers and project managers. We make products and awe from ideas and code… with Ruby on Rails.

Since 2005, Ruby on Rails has been a fantastic addition to our team’s toolbox as it provided us with a cohesive set of best practices and development patterns, which our team has embraced.

So, the big question!?

Are you a startup considering Ruby on Rails as your platform of choice, or are you an established organization maintaining an existing application with a growing backlog of feature requests and bug fixes?

If you answered yes to either, you’re in luck!

Our experienced team of designers and developers offer collaborative support during each phase of the development cycle, from discovery to deployment. Planet Argon is the reliable partner for both bootstrapped startup teams and backlogged internal development teams, so contact us today to learn how we can help your project achieve its goals.

About Planet Argon

Located in Portland, Oregon USA – Planet Argon designs and develops web-based products for desktop and mobile platforms. Learn more about us.