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Shannon Jackson


Ruby on Rails Developer

Shannon Jackson

Before stumbling into software development, Shannon worked an eclectic collection of hodgepodge jobs. Karaoke host. Costume designer. Visiting preschools, dressed as a puppy, performing raps about making friends. The usual. When she last felt restless, a friend from her board game group suggested she might like coding – she was, after all, a fan of puzzles and learning complex sets of rules. She jumped in the deep end, enrolled in a code bootcamp, and loved the new challenge. She responded strongly to the problem-solving elements of
programming, both within the codebase and among an application’s users.

After bootcamp, Shannon stayed in Omaha, Nebraska, and joined a consultancy. Now the work hodgepodge was found not in the variety of the jobs, but the diversity of the clients and the tech stack. Ruby on Rails always being the favorite, and a focus on client relationships was Shannon’s forte. Before leaving the midwest, Shannon was running the operations in the consulting division for a large midwest cloud computing startup, but the desire to return to regularly creating code pulled her to return to the individual contributor life.

Shannon is also a co-founder of an Omaha non-profit that champions for gender equity in tech by teaching young women, femmes, and non-men how to code. Even after the move, she still serves on their board, and as a consultant on their curriculum for Ruby courses and a new class on javascript-based video games.

Now that she’s in the Pacific Northwest, she can still be found playing board games, as well as spending a lot of time exploring nature and the local neighborhoods with her partner and their son.

Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.

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