John Cech

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Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer

John Cech

Born in Portland and raised in Clackamas, John has always loved the raw beauty of the Northwest and couldn’t be happier living here. After the family bought their first computer when John was 11, he was immediately fascinated by how it worked from the inside out. He eventually became an enthusiast, building not only his own computers but also friends and close family’s as well.

John has studied a wide array of subjects from accounting to aviation science and technology. After dabbling in a variety of pursuits, he decided to make a daring career decision and attend the Epicodus code school to pursue the life of a developer. Taking to it like a fish to water, John knew he made the right decision only after a few weeks into the program.

When John isn’t learning what he can about software, he enjoys a game of billiards, playing video games and table top games, and making sure to get outside every so often to enjoy the amazing outdoors that he grew up in.

Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.

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