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Kacey Cornell


Project Manager

Kacey Cornell

Kacey gravitated toward design in High School leading to a BA in Art & Design Studies from UNT, however, her propensity for management just would not let go. Upon moving to Chicago in 2014 she found she could marry her creative side with management as a Project Manager in an agency setting. Having a retail background, eCommerce became a natural fit and she enjoys creative problem solving with teams.

In 2018 she became Scrum Master certified, learning she loved the transparent and iterative nature of the agile framework. After spending 4 years working in website development, Kacey moved on to Portland and Planet Argon for the new challenge of managing software application development.

Beyond the computer, Kacey is a fitness freak and biohacking nerd. Always listening to podcasts and self-improvement books, she's a non-stop optimization machine.

As long as you live, keep learning how to live.


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