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Brooke Jones


Mid-Level Ruby on Rails Developer

What does 1 Education degree plus 13 years of teaching plus 3 months of coding bootcamp equal? Former math and science educator Brooke Jones would say it all adds up to an exciting career move!

Brooke taught K-8 in the school system for many years until she felt it was time for a big change. She was seeking a career that was just as intellectually stimulating as teaching but less emotionally taxing, and coding seemed to be right up her alley. She was drawn to software development because of the challenge that it can't be mastered quickly- she realized she would always be learning, growing, and adapting. Brooke attended a bootcamp in 2019, and her skills and passion have gone uphill from there.

Speaking of uphill, Brooke’s number one hobby is running. She adores running on hills, up in the mountains, and anywhere she can explore on foot. When Brooke isn’t working on Ruby on Rails projects, you’ll find her running, bouldering, rock climbing, or volunteering at local races.

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