About Us

We are Planet Argon: A development, design, and consulting partner for solving your toughest business issues.

A dedication to our clients and culture has helped Planet Argon grow from humble beginnings in a Portland apartment to partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech, education, health, and beyond. Our flair for unique thinking and relentless pursuit of delight is evident in every bit work (and play!) we do, from a UX redesign to a full application rebuild, and every team-building adventure in between.

If you’re looking for an agency to simply check off your development to-do list, that’s not us. But if you’re seeking a partner to set your ambitious ideas in motion and help scale your business to new heights, you’re in the right place.

From a one-man shop in a Portland apartment in 2002 to the agency it is today, here is our story.

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Each year, we reflect on the previous 365 days of growth and change. See our milestones, new projects, and exciting activities from 2017.

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Our Core Values


We actively seek opportunities to improve our client’s products, our processes, and our abilities.


A natural curiosity for the undiscovered results in remarkable work for our clients – and stronger connections for our team. We ask questions, learn, and aren't afraid to fail.


We are invested in our work. We manage expectations. We support our clients and teammates. We hold ourselves, our teammates, and our clients accountable.


We choose to set a mindful, positive tone that allows everyone to flourish.


We readily adapt to change and encourage innovation because our team and work are transparent and flexible.

We always have our eyes peeled for talented individuals to potentially join our team here in Portland, Oregon. Interested?

Culture & Open Positions


While we work with our clients as partners, we also partner with other companies and organizations, whether to collaborate on our project or just give back to the community. View the list of partners we’ve trusted and worked with over the years.

Open Source Contributions

Contributing to the open-source web community is in our DNA. We encourage sharing our knowledge with others, so we can improve the way we work - together. See our collection of open-sourced internal projects and industry contributions.

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Planet Argon Dogs!
Radiator Building

Our studio is in the Radiator Building, part of the One North complex, in the heart of Portland’s lively Boise neighborhood. We are just a short walk from some of our city’s most well-loved eateries, coffee shops, and boutiques, as well as the friendlist neighborhood grocery store. We’re also a quick bike or bus ride from almost anywhere in Portland.

Planet Argon

3530 N. Vancouver Ave
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97227-1426


1.815.642.4068 (fax)