Riding the Rails

Helping you sustain, modernize, and future-proof your Ruby on Rails applications through the ever-changing tech landscape.

Are you nervous (yet curious!) about inviting a new team aboard? Don't worry, we've helped businesses just like yours before. Our proven process was designed to help you get a grip on your Rails application so you can get your project back on track.

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Robby smiling outside on a partly cloudy day with a body of water in the background.

"We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, tackling every stage of the app lifecycle to optimize maintainablity for your developers."

Robby Russell, Founder of Planet Argon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are Planet Argon's team members located?

Our team is remote within both North and South America with a core cluster in Portland, Oregon USA.

Q. What type of work do you focus on?

We help with overdue upgrades, feature development, optimization, and long-term maintenance of Ruby on Rails apps.

Q. What industries do your clients work in?

Most commonly, Publishing, Education, Finance, Real Estate, and e-commerce. Learn more.

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