ZYN22: Clear Communication for the Fitness Community

A full marketing and customer application centered around a brand of transforming mind, body, and soul.
Health & Fitness
Skills Provided
Strategy Workshop, Responsive Design, Design Strategy & Consultation, User Experience Design, HTML5 Development, 3rd Party Integration, Application Maintenance

The Challenge

ZYN22 knew they were not the first of their kind to enter the spin studio market, but they were determined to make the experience even better than their competitors. With a long-term plan in mind, their first step was to launch a fully functional site in time for their grand opening that would get the community excited about their branded workout. Working within time constraints, our goals were to coordinate their online presence with a solid branding initiative they’d been planning as well as integrate their admin management platform.

The Process

While communicating their inspiring brand was key, ensuring their site was informative and intuitive was goal number one. After a full discovery meeting, we began the task of creating a new site that not only seamlessly onboarded new customers, but kept functionality easy for current ones. We knew at minimum we wanted to enable ways for customers to find a class at their local ZYN22 studio, book a specific bike, learn about instructors, shop in the ZYN22 store, and more. With an energetic team and community, we also wanted to tie in that positivity as much as possible so new users could get excited and feel they were part of the movement. To this end, plugins to social media feeds and fun personal info on instructors and fellow riders were included throughout the site. Once our designs were finalized, we collaborated with a third-party agency to ensure our design requirements were met within their content management system (CMS) platform.

The Result

Our design process was centered around usability and keeping true to the brand. Bold imagery coupled with a clean layout not only made the message clear, but more importantly, made it easy for customers to find the information they needed and allowed them to meet their goals (i.e. “I want to reserve a bike in this class”). As a result of our work, ZYN22 was able to launch ahead of the grand opening and used the site as a sneak peek to gain awareness and build a following. Since then, they’ve opened three additional studios as well as a new store using the site we created.

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