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Web Design

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What does your website say about your business? Is it designed and implemented in a way that aligns your business goals with the goals of your customers? Is it designed to be memorable and leave a positive impression with your users?

It’s not enough for your website to be aesthetically pleasing and represent your brand properly; it should also be quick to download, error free, as well as easy to use and navigate. Our experts here at Planet Argon will work with you to create a site that combines a high level of functionality, content, and aesthetics that can help you be more successful online.

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Identify And Understand Objectives And Needs

One of our first priorities is to get to know you and your goals through either our design sprint or strategy workshop service. The purpose of these is to have in-depth discussions about your business, your audience, and how to provide them with the best possible online experience. Good planning from the start is the key to lasting success. We work with you to plan out a strategy that includes the site’s goals, success metrics, and value proposition.

Provide Expertise In Design Strategy

Once the strategy is established, the next step is to visualize the plan through functional design and user experience planning. This step involves designing elements such as wireframes, sitemaps, and process flows. This is also the point where we would start the visual design by creating mood boards and initial layouts. These visual ideas would combine your branding with high quality design to effectively tailor the message and impression you want to deliver to your customers.

Bring Designs To Life

On your approval of the specifications and comprehensive designs for your site, we hand them over to our highly-skilled development team. At this point, all front and back-end code will be written and thoroughly tested to transform these static designs to a fully functional web app.

Continue To Evaluate And Iterate

Once the site is built and live, it doesn’t stop there. Measuring the results and testing ensures that your site is performing optimally, and creating the most opportunity for you to easily achieve your online goals. Part of this testing is done through search engine optimization, web analytics, or user feedback and surveys. And, If you need a tool to make revisions and updates, we can provide a content management system that is easily updateable and can be changed by your staff without any extra hassle.

What Our Clients Say

Photo of Mebane Faber

Mebane Faber, Entrepreneur at AlphaClone

"Intelligent, driven, personal, and competent - all the qualities you want in a great web-design team. The took our idea and built a site that far exceeded my expectations - highly recommended!"
Photo of Jeff Siarto

Jeff Siarto, Co-founder at Loudpixel

"I felt like I had a Planet Argon engineer on my team here at Loudpixel."
Photo of Yusuke Ishikawa

Yusuke Ishikawa, CFO at Skoshbox

"We thought we were going to have a hard time explaining what we needed and what our problems were. They were really easy to work with, they were able to grasp all of our problems and needs really quickly. They were also very attentive. Anything we needed, they helped. "
Photo of Rick Zinda

Rick Zinda, President at CommunityRight

"They were able to identify my most pressing needs and deliver quickly – Planet Argon just gets it done! "
Photo of Candice Sombrero

Candice Sombrero, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer at Skoshbox

"After Planet Argon came in and really patched up our holes and redid our website, it eliminated so much of the manual work and the headaches that we experienced. Not only for our customers, but also on the operations end and shipping end. That just freed up so much time for Yusuke and me to be able to focus on growth, and product, and the vision."

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