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Some of our developers have been coding for the web since the mid-1990s and pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends. As a new framework on the scene, we are excited about new technologies like Ember.js and can work with you to determine if it's the right fit for our project.

We are big fans of Ember.js. Why? The short-version is that it falls in line with what worked best for our clients, ourselves and follows patterns that we have seen lead to long-lasting healthy web applications.

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Using Ember.js

EmberJS describes itself as, “a framework for creating ambitious web applications.” Having used it ourselves for a few projects, we've seen how it eases some of the pain involved in the development of dynamic web applications. If you are researching teams to help you build a new idea, we would be delighted to help you determine if Ember.js is an appropriate choice for your business. We don’t believe it works for every project—so we would be happy to help you assess this. Or if you have an existing application that was developed with Ember.js, we can help you work on that product backlog of yours.

Considering AngularJS vs. Ember? Check out this article: AngularJS vs Ember.js -- Comparing Apples to Oranges where we compare the two frameworks.

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