Portland Web Development

Planet Argon’s unique approach to software on the web began in 2002 within the confines of a small apartment on SE 39th Ave in Portland. We followed that up with a variety of locations including a home office in Northeast Portland and an attic packed with eight employees. Currently, our 19-person team is located in North Portland.


Web Strategy in Portland

Our team is always looking to help local businesses and organizations succeed with their web projects. If you’re in Portland and want to partner with a local agency, consider Planet Argon. In addition to our standard services, we have a number of specialty services that we can offer to those within close proximity, including the following:

Web design and development

  • On-site consultation for your web strategy
  • On-site training and consulting in building sites and applications with web standards using HTML and CSS
  • On-site usability test and auditing
  • On-site training and consulting with Ruby on Rails
  • Maintaining a project using the Git Version Control System
  • On-site mobile web design & development

Portland Revealed

We've published a series of articles for colleagues in our industry to introduce them to some of of our favorite places in Portland, Oregon when visiting for conferences, meetings, and vacations.

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