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From our humble roots in a small SE Portland apartment, Planet Argon has continued to evolve since 2002. As much as we love collaborating with clients from all over the world, we are always thrilled to work with other Portland-based companies.

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As Portlanders, it's been our pleasure to work with iconic brands such as McMenamins or highly-respected foundations like Meyer Memorial Trust. We've had the good fortune to work with some of the best companies around our city, designing and developing for both their desktop and mobile sites.

We'd love to help you plan and implement a mobile web strategy. Adaptive, responsive, or separate mobile site - we'll assist you in determining the most appropriate mobile solution. And if you're in Portland, stop on by! We've got a spacious North Portland office, in the heart of the bustling Boise-Elliot neighborhood. Our team of designing and coding pros would love to discuss your project. Or, if you'd prefer, we can visit you and begin the strategizing process on your home turf.

What Our Clients Say

Photo of Adrian Mowat

Adrian Mowat, Head of Engineering at Newspaper Club

"Adding a new unknown partner into the mix for a Rails upgrade is a bit of a risk, and we were worried we might be writing a blank check for no return. However, we actually felt very much in control throughout the project...The project was done quickly and effectively."
Photo of Krista Sharlin

Krista Sharlin, Digital and Social Media Manager at Applegate

"The team at Planet Argon quickly became an extension of our own and they continue to be strong and trustworthy development partners."
Photo of Marsh Meyers

Marsh Meyers, Education Manager at Oregon Coast Aquarium

"[The Discovery workshop] got our staff thinking a little more like web designers, I think. In other words, we got into a mindset closer to yours as you got into a mindset closer to ours."
Photo of Robert Mcginnis

Robert Mcginnis, Owner at Open City Freight

"The team is awesome at working with me and understanding the bigger picture of my project."
Photo of Candice Sombrero

Candice Sombrero, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer at Skoshbox

"After Planet Argon came in and really patched up our holes and redid our website, it eliminated so much of the manual work and the headaches that we experienced. Not only for our customers, but also on the operations end and shipping end. That just freed up so much time for Yusuke and me to be able to focus on growth, and product, and the vision."

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Companies we have worked with from Portland

Companies we have worked with from around the world

  • American Express
  • iKare
  • AlphaClone
  • Yoga Today

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