Ruby on Rails Upgrade Assessment

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Is your Rails app ready for a version upgrade? We can find out.
Your application has fallen behind several version of Rails. It may be susceptible to security threats, running slower than usual, or unable to handle some of your new feature requests. Do you need a Rails upgrade, or a total rewrite? We can help.

Our team can examine your Rails project and outline the best path forward to a stable, secure application.

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A Proven Approach for Upgrades

Our team of experienced Ruby on Rails developers has experience upgrading Rails apps of all sizes, in various industries. Before your team proceeds with an upgrade, you may wonder – is my app even a good candidate for the process? Should we totally rewrite this app instead of updating it? Our proven approach to examining the health of Rails apps will provide you with clear steps forward.

Thorough Exploration of your Rails App

We'll dig deep into your application to discover how it's constructed and maintained. We'll examine models, views, your test suite, Ruby gems, and more. You'll find out your application's strengths and its weaknesses.

Valuable Information for Your Team

Our Rails Upgrade Assessment package includes a bundle of information that is useful for your stakeholders. We package up a 30-page document that explains all of our findings. This will include the recommended steps for each version of Ruby and Rails, along with an estimated timeframe for completing these upgrades. Regardless of who handles your upgrade, this information will serve as a valuable roadmap.

What Clients Say About About Us

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"Adding a new unknown partner into the mix for a Rails upgrade is a bit of a risk, and we were worried we might be writing a blank check for no return. However, we actually felt very much in control throughout the project...The project was done quickly and effectively."

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