Ruby on Rails Code Audit

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How maintainable is your Ruby on Rails application?

Our expert Ruby on Rails developers help keep your code healthy with regular checkups.

We've worked exclusively on Ruby on Rails apps since late 2004; we have seen almost everything. ~85% of our clients approach us with a Rails app developed in-house and/or by other firms. We have perfected our Rails Code Audit service to assess the current state of your application. Does it follow best practices? How stable and scalable is it?

This service is perfect before a new product launch, switching development firms, investment round, or company sale or merger.

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A Detailed Analysis To Help You Plan For The Future

The deliverable for our Rails Code Audit service is a comprehensive report that includes an overview of our audit process, a summary of our observations, a detailed breakdown of any issues we identified, and a prioritized collection of our recommendations. We will walk you through our report and explain the impact on the application.

Best Practices

Our audit assesses how closely your app follows best practices, which can help you optimize your code and ensure it is maintainable.

  • What's the state of your documentation?
  • How difficult is onboarding new engineers?
  • How are dependencies being managed?
  • Is your application adhering to the Rails community's conventions

Risk Mitigation

  • Are there any known security vulnerabilities?
  • How is personal user data managed?
  • Is there sensitive data exposed in the history of the codebase?
  • Do former engineers still have access to private services?

Rails Architecture

  • How well is the application and data model performing?
  • Is the Model-View-Controller implemented well and organized?
  • Do we have a strong information architecture?


  • Is your application able to scale with your future growth?
  • How long will your current deployment strategy work for you?
  • What are the most important issues to address?
  • How can we speed up our development efforts?

Is it time for a rewrite?

Ultimately, you want to know if your current investment is going to get you from here to there. Our mission is to help organizations avoid the big rewrite. 96% of the time we don't believe a rewrite is the right decision. We'll help you understand the tradeoffs.

Proceed With Clarity

We feel that it is in your best interest to have another set of eyes review your application and provide you with an overview of where any critical issues may lie within your product. It also allows us to advise you on how to proceed with your design and development efforts. This input is valuable to your existing team, or any other firm that may continue working on your product.

What Clients Say About About Us

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"While their approach to customer serivce and client relations is great, what I actually found most impressive was their ability to help develop solutions in creative ways."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Daniele Volpe
"Working with Planet Argon has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to them was very smooth, and they took care of everything within a very short period of time."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Adriel Henderson
"They are without a doubt the most professional and adept development team I have worked with."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Twila Rios
"I am impressed at their ability to take on our multiple, complicated existing apps and learn them quickly and well, and quite happy with the numerous improvements they have made for us. "
5.0 star rating

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