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We've helped deploy hundreds of Ruby on Rails applications since 2005.

Does your Ruby on Rails application deployment strategy feel outdated?

Organizations with existing Rails apps choose Planet Argon to help modernize their staging and production infrastructure.

Common inquiries include:

  • "Do you know if this Heroku deprecation notification will impact our application?"
  • "How do we upgrade our Heroku stack for the version of Rails we're running?"
  • "Our original developers are gone. Could you audit our current Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and help us understand if we need to keep paying for everything?"
  • "Why does it take so long to deploy a small change to production?"

We understand that deploying a Ruby on Rails application can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring that the application is stable and reliable for end-users. Our team has extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails applications, and we use that expertise to help organizations streamline their deployment process.

One of the ways we help organizations improve their deployment strategy is by conducting a comprehensive review of their existing infrastructure. We analyze their current deployment process and identify opportunities for improvements. We then work to help implement changes that will make their deployment process more efficient and cost-effective.

This can include everything from improving their testing processes to automating their deployment pipeline. Our Application Reliability Engineers help reduce the risk of downtime and improve the overall stability of our client's applications.

Schedule a 30-minute discussion about your project and deployment needs.

An Experienced Team And Partner

The scope and complexity of Ruby on Rails applications is growing and evolving, making it difficult for developers and managers to stay on top of the best practices when it comes to deployment. At Planet Argon we have deployment specialists because we know the value of having a dedicated practitioner who knows their stuff!

Designing Your Deployment Strategy

Our comprehensive consulting packages feature knowledgeable DevOps experts, handling many of the common deployment tasks, as well as advising you on best practices for performance and security. Our experienced team can help you answer many important questions, like

Designing an Effective Deployment Strategy

  • What Continuous Integration platform do you recommend? (GitHub, CircleCI, Travis, GitLab?)
  • Should we use Kubernetes?

Auditing and Improving Existing Deployment Strategies

  • Is our current deployment secure?
  • Can this deployment scale once we add more users?
  • Should we use Docker now?

Designing a Practical and Scalable Hosting Solution

  • Should we go with a cloud provider or get our own hardware?
  • How well is our application really performing?

Choosing an Appropriate Ruby Server Solution

  • Which would work best for the project; puma, unicorn, or passenger?

What Clients Say About About Us

Photo of Twila Rios
"I am impressed at their ability to take on our multiple, complicated existing apps and learn them quickly and well, and quite happy with the numerous improvements they have made for us. "
5.0 star rating
Photo of Alexandra Stankiewicz
"Planet Argon was a top-notch partner agency that provided a great service experience. They truly recognized the importance of e-commerce to our business."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Zachary O'Connor
" Their ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively and willingness to teach has been amazing and very much appreciated."
5.0 star rating
Photo of Daniele Volpe
"Working with Planet Argon has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to them was very smooth, and they took care of everything within a very short period of time."
5.0 star rating

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