Rails App Maintenance

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You've invested in your Ruby on Rails application. Our ongoing maintenance and support will keep it running at its best.

There's plenty of work that goes into a Ruby on Rails web application beyond the initial launch. Regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements are key to an efficient web application. Our team keeps the wheels turning, helps to make improvements, and solves problems as they arise.

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An Experienced Rails Team And Partner

Once your Ruby on Rails application launches, things begin to move at a different pace. You're required to respond to feedback and bugs in real-time. But don't worry; we can help! Our team of designers and developers is equipped and ready to help you keep your application running smoothly and securely.

Dedication To Delivering Quality

When you partner with us, you're collaborating with a dedicated team of professionals who love what they do and care about delivering a quality experience. Our Ruby on Rails application maintenance and support partnerships are flexible and designed to work with the unique needs of your project.

A Tailored Solution For Your Needs And Budget

We can work with you to design a monthly maintenance package that you can use for any maintenance related design, development or deployment tasks. Should you identify a larger project that does not fit into your maintenance package, we can help you design a set of project iterations that will help you reach your goal.

Designing Your Rails Maintenance Package

Our experienced team of designers, developers, and deployment specialists can help you answer many important questions, like...

Responding to Problems

  • How can we quickly respond to reported bugs?
  • What happens if something goes wrong with a deployment?
  • Are we set up to respond to a large increase in traffic?

Making Refinements

  • Can we easily make changes to the application presentation layer?
  • What happens if we want to refine a particular feature?
  • Can we quickly implement small and easy ideas?

Addressing the Needs of Your Users

  • Are we able to quickly respond to user reported problems?
  • Do we maintain a regular dialogue with our users?
  • How do we analyze user feedback in order to move in the right direction?

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