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Healthcare Web Development and Design

Healthcare Web Development and Design at Planet Argon

Digital healthcare solutions can improve the lives of patients, caregivers, physician, and administrators. Healthcare platforms can move beyond old-school filing systems and paper trails with smart, compliant web development.

At Planet Argon, we're equipped to think through efficient workflows and implement sustainable systems that work for the users, not just bring a system “online”. We are ready to take your problems and turn them into innovations for your staff, partners, and clients.

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Navigating through complex user flows

We know that building a healthcare system isn’t a minor task. We know that you need someone with experience with complex flows to build a user workflow that makes sense. We’ve been there, and can help you out.

Indentifying Needs

Identfying user needs and goals

The ecosystem for healthcare is vast. There are multiple users, completeing various tasks and accomplishing various goals. We’ll help identify those users and prioritize their goals. Then we can work on solutions that meets those needs and yours.

Design Ideas

Bringing designs to life

Our design team works together from ideation through development. This means, once we’ve wireframed, visual design begins to bring form to function making sure accessability and best practices hold priority. As designs are implemented, we test movement and animation to ensure the application informs, instead of detracts.

Sustainable Framework

Building a stable, sustainable framework

Nothing lasts forever, but a framework can iterate, if it’s built to last. Our team knows how to build an app today, for the needs tomorrow, so that you can successfully launch and continue to iterate over time.

Open Communication

Consistent and open communication

Our project management team works with the client as well as the production team to ensure budgets and schedules are transparent and known. That way there are no suprises to anyone, and we can pivot easily aware of any obstacles ahead.

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How we differ from other agencies

We can talk about our process, but in general, most agencies follow similar processes and workflows. In fact, we’ve learned (and shared) lessons amougst indstry peers and are continuously refining our process. What makes us so different? We believe it’s our values. Do they resonate with you?

Collaborative process and team

We like to get to know you, your company and your users, and vice versa - we want you to get to know us. So that working together is like working with your team, not just for you. Just like our internal team working together on solutions, you will be a collaborative part of our team.


Working on projects is not just about the end goal. It’s about enjoying the process along the way. We feel we do our best work when it’s done in a positive environment. Let’s enjoy this process!

A proactive nature

We will continously work to ensure that we are on the right path guiding you from start to finish. We don’t shy away from speaking up and guiding you away from common problems and inefficiencies. And we’ll seek out new opportunities that give you greater value when you partner with us.

Dedication + Dependability

We are invested in our work. We are invested in our team and with our partners. Your success, is our success and we want you to count on us as much as we want to count on you as a partner and a part of our team.

Versatile approach

We understand that courses can change. Our preference is to iterate quickly and efficiently, so that we can make key decisions at points where we can still adapt and readjust before going down the wrong path.

A sampling of work we've done in healthcare

Spendwell, a client of Planet Argon

SpendWell Health

We provided web design consultation, front-end coding and quality assurance for a new direct-pay marketplace website. Additionally, our back-end development team integrated their store with a custom-built payment gateway, allowing for credit card purchases through the Payspan healthcare merchant, while building out features on their Spree e-commerce platform.

What Our Clients Say

Photo of Krista Sharlin

Krista Sharlin, Digital and Social Media Manager at Applegate

"The team at Planet Argon quickly became an extension of our own and they continue to be strong and trustworthy development partners."
Photo of Kate Gardner

Kate Gardner, Associate Web Producer at Contiki Holidays

"Highly recommended. These guys are quick, responsive, proactive and know their stuff."
Photo of Duane Benson

Duane Benson, Marketing Manager at Screaming Circuits

"[The redesign] has allowed us to present ourselves as new and fresh in the industry. In addition to what it has done for our customers, its really put us ahead of the competition."
Photo of Mebane Faber

Mebane Faber, Entrepreneur at AlphaClone

"Intelligent, driven, personal, and competent - all the qualities you want in a great web-design team. The took our idea and built a site that far exceeded my expectations - highly recommended!"
Photo of Rick Zinda

Rick Zinda, President at CommunityRight

"They were able to identify my most pressing needs and deliver quickly – Planet Argon just gets it done! "

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Healthcare clients we've worked with

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Champ Software