Kathryn Carr

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Kathryn Carr

Kathryn grew up in Austin, Texas. Deciding that shit was too hot for her, she moved out to Portland to pursue a career as a rad person. After gaining her degree in Mathematics from Portland State University, she quickly hopped a train across the earth to teach math at secondary school in Tanzania. When she returned she headed straight back to school at OHSU where she was focused in epidemiology and biostatistics.

All this math and poking around with programming statistical software made her realize not only that she enjoyed the programming aspect, but that she was good at it as well. She wanted to learn more about programming and see how it could be applied. The next best step seemed to be taking some intro to computer science courses at PSU, and she ended up spending over a year studying a fair amount of the CS curriculum offerings there. But the curriculum wasn’t applied enough, she really wanted to write code and make stuff! She continued on a hunt for a school that was knee deep focused in getting people coding and decided to try Epicodus.

Epicodus rocked her world. She met awesome teachers and students that were super focused and all there for the same reason: learn to code and be good at it. She met Carlos at a Job fair and after meeting with the team at PA, she decided that’s where she wanted to stay.

On weekends, It isn’t uncommon to try to get in touch with Kathryn and fail. Most of the time she is on a trail or a lake or river, in the middle of nowhere, with her family, soaking up some nature. She really likes running and is an aspiring musician.

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