Jack Bouba

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Jack Bouba

Jack’s first patron of the arts was an elementary school teacher who requested a series of original drawings for her classroom. Jack was 8 years old, and his payment was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pencil-case. 3 years later, Jack’s sister, a college student and R.A., commissioned a number of comic strip-inspired “door tags” for the dorm rooms on her floor. A year after that, Jack attempted to sell his versions of classic superheroes, as well as a few originals (“Dude USA,” et al), at his outdoor art gallery, conveniently located on his front porch.

Jack created his first website, Eli’s Car Dry Wash, at a time when there were just a couple books written on the subject of HTML. For the next decade, Jack’s burgeoning web skills took a back seat to his interest in visual art.

Jack studied sculpture in college and fell in love with woodworking, ceramics, and printmaking. Later, after his inevitable move to Portland, Jack rediscovered his passion for digital media and began studying web design and front-end development at PCC and PNCA. Jack worked with individuals with Developmental Disabilities for 5 years and taught Flash and HTML/CSS classes at a local technical college, uniting his passions for sharing knowledge and skills with the fascinating world of code and design.

Jack is an avid bike-rider, boomerang-shaper and -thrower, music-maker, and walk-taker.

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

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