Corinne Kunze

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Frontend Developer

Corinne Kunze

Tinkering with computers has always been an inevitability for Corinne. From the moment she got her hands on a computer, she could never resist the draw of all the magical things happening inside. As a young girl, she spent her days incessantly downloading everything and (to the dismay of her family) simultaneously adding viruses to every computer she touched. From that fascination grew a desire to understand how things work and answer progressively more difficult questions to technical problems.

Corinne grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and attended the University of Northern Colorado to play string bass in their symphony orchestra. But she itched to get out of her home town and jumped ship with a couple friends to move across country to Portland, Oregon. While in college, she spent her time studying Illustration, Design, and Front-End Development. She loved fiddling with code and found that being in the environment of web development felt natural.

In her free time, Corinne likes to play video games, catch an open mic, cook a fabulous meal, read a book, or go for a bike ride.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.


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