White Paper: Responsive Design vs a Mobile Site

Our team is currently working on a series of white papers and have just finished our first one, which introduces businesses to two strategies for designing and developing a site that targets mobile traffic. We invite you to learn how to decide which strategy works best for you.

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Located in Portland, Oregon, Planet Argon designs and develops web-based products for desktop and mobile platforms.

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You have an idea? Let’s hear it. Then, let's work together to make it even better. We offer more than design and development. We select clients who seek strategic partnership. We'll help you to keep what works, toss what doesn't, and build on your best ideas.

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Our iterative process allows projects to evolve and grow without sacrificing quality or product business goals. How can we help you grow your next idea?

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Web application by Planet Argon

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Brainstormr by Planet Argon

We develop web sites that detect the type of device and respond with an optimized delivery of the site.

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We've reviewed code bases and helped teams with their development processes and decisions.

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Planet Argon Timeline

We wanted a unique way to illustrate Planet Argon's history.

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We don't just give away cool t-shirts. We also deliver.

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We're lucky to be fueled by great Portland roasters. Come by; we'll make you a cup!

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Well, not that kind. But we'll arm you with the tools to keep the wheels turning.

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Keep Calm and Make It Happen

Our beautifully-designed 'Keep Calm...' poster is sure to inspire you to do magnificent things.

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Danse Gooshers

This might speak for itself.

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Creating an objective is one thing; we test our workflow to meet those objectives.

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Tunes provide us with a little inspiration and an occasional foot tapping at our desk.

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Web design

We practice human centered design while also delivering thoughtful design strategy from concept to completion.

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Our Jack is clearly one of all trades. He made us pickled pears as a holiday gift, including customized labels!

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Scribbled sketch

Your dream might start off as a scribbled sketch on a cocktail napkin. Learn how our team can bring your idea to life.


We focus on the user and we'll research the best solution to fit your needs and your user's needs.

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Our softball team photo

Want to join our team? Great! We're hiring. See if you're the next Argonaut.

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We made some fun Planet Argon t-shirts this year.
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We’ve made stuff for these folks

Our present and past clients include Contiki, AlphaClone, iKare, McMenamins, 30elm, Champ Software, Nike, Yoga Today, Go See Tell Network, Leupold, Portland Monthly, O-O-Y-A-L-A, blurb, MPRI, Photo TLC, Emily's List, and Kongregate.

  • 30elm
  • Champ Software
  • Nike
  • Yoga Today
  • Go See Tell Network
  • Leupold
  • Portland Monthly
  • O-O-Y-A-L-A
  • blurb
  • MPRI
  • Photo TLC
  • Emily's List
  • Kongregate
  • 395 Designs
  • Alpha Answers
  • Analytical Engineering, Inc.
  • Anstar Products, LLC
  • Bonanzie
  • Certo Credit
  • Crossroad Strategies
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • John Benz Art
  • Kitch+Bath Portfolio
  • mTraks
  • REOsoftware
  • Scholar’s Resource
  • Sticky
  • TCI
  • Transcendigital
  • uXcomm
  • Zedak

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This is what they’re saying

  • Planet Argon stands a world apart from any other web development agency I’ve ever worked with.
  • Photo of Karthika Mayo
  • Karthika Mayo Director, Contiki Holidays
  • Their commitment to truly understanding the problem and thoroughly testing software has taken us to the next level.
  • Photo of Kai Armstrong
  • Kai Armstrong Director Of Operations, Pressable

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Have an idea you want to breathe life into? We can do it all, from collaborative ideation and strategy sessions through to implementation and launch. Our team has the knowledge and skills to bring your idea to life. Learn more about how we work.

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Meet Olivia

Olivia Halfen

Olivia is our Senior Project Manager and has a notoriously infectious laugh! Her project management skills were rightly evident at an early age, at a time when she was managing her and her sister’s Lego building and Barbie playing escapades.

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