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We know that hiring a new team for your project is daunting task. While we're confident that you'll fall head-over-heels for our team and process, it's best that you hear what existing clients have to say about their experience of working with us.

Photo of Morgan Currie

The team at Planet Argon have been fantastic to work with.

Morgan Currie

CTO at Marcato Digital Solutions

The end product speaks for itself. It's beautiful, it's easy to use, and it's made my life a lot easier. And that right there is reason enough to work with Planet Argon when they can deliver a product that is sleek and easy to use.

Grant Butler

Food Editor at the Oregonian

Photo of Jeff Siarto

I felt like I had a Planet Argon engineer on my team here at Loudpixel.

Jeff Siarto

Co-founder at Loudpixel

The team is awesome at working with me and understanding the bigger picture of my project.

Robert McGinnis

Owner at Open City Freight

Photo of Adriel Henderson

Planet Argon has been an incredible stabilizing force for our web platform.

Adriel Henderson

Senior Web Developer at Leupold & Stevens

Photo of Kate Gardner

Highly recommended. These guys are quick, responsive, proactive and know their stuff.

Kate Gardner

Associate Web Producer at Contiki Holidays

The Oregonian and Planet Argon really are in the business of understanding people's needs for information, and how to provide it and anticipating how people want to work with information. I think Planet Argon is very effective at that.

Steve Suo

Managing Producer at the Oregonian

[The Discovery workshop] got our staff thinking a little more like web designers, I think. In other words, we got into a mindset closer to yours as you got into a mindset closer to ours.

Marsh Meyers

Education Manager at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Photo of Maz Jadallah

If you're lucky enough to hire Planet Argon - don't hesitate. "Make it Happen!" is their motto - and believe me - they do.

Maz Jadallah

CEO at AlphaClone

Photo of Mebane Faber

Intelligent, driven, personal, and competent - all the qualities you want in a great web-design team. The took our idea and built a site that far exceeded my expectations - highly recommended!

Mebane Faber


Photo of David Thomas

Planet Argon taught me everything I know about Ruby on Rails. They are our first call when we need any Ruby work done, and both built and have maintained for the past two years.

David Thomas

Development Project Manager at Contiki Holidays

Photo of Christopher Conley

Planet Argon understands building great applications is about more than programming. It also requires tireless brainstorming and spirited collaboration, both of which Planet Argon embraces with open arms.

Christopher Conley

Co-Founder at 30elm

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Robert McGinnis

Owner of Open City Freight


Marsh Myers

Education Manager at Oregon Coast Aquarium


Grant Butler and Steve Suo


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