Things We Do

Our Skills & Expertise

We offer more than design and development. We select clients who seek strategic partnership. We’ll help you to keep what works, toss what doesn’t, and build on your best ideas.

Design Discovery


An idea is a seed waiting to sprout. To foster its growth, we start by deepening our understanding through collaborative research and ideation. Depending on the project, we might kick things off with a strategy workshop, which provides your idea the roots it needs for the next steps, or jump right to the design strategy.

Strategic Design


With your idea firmly rooted, we start working with you—not for you—to collaboratively put your idea on screen. We practice human-centered design through thoughtful design strategy, conceptualizing the idea into wireframes and making it come alive in mockups. Our designers work hand-in-hand with all of the stakeholders—our development team included—to maintain a holistic view of the project and we encourage everyone to share ideas and uncover weaknesses. Together we'll build the blueprints needed to ensure a successful deployment.

Web Development


Development isn't done in isolation. Our design and development team work together in the same room. We walk through each component to create the plan of attack. By applying Agile methodologies to our development practice (and to our process as a whole), it allows us to budget and plan your project; which allows you, in-turn, to plan and budget for your next idea. We'll establish clear expectations, well-defined deliverables and a predictable schedule.



Just like a well designed building needs a good foundation, your application needs a solid deployment strategy. We'll work with you to create one. Together, we’ll make sure that the work has been completed and signed off. Throughout the project, we’ll evaluate our progress and efficiency, so that at the end, we can look at it holistically, and as a living and breathing app. We'll evaluate its effectiveness, congratulate our successes, and examine our struggles. Every project has a lesson we can learn from.

Planet Argon Communicates


Our role doesn't end when we deploy, so why should the conversation? Our iterative process embraces growth and works with your evolving business needs. Are there bugs, improvements, and fixes for your project? By collaborating together we'll gain the clarification needed to find the right solutions.

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