White Paper: Responsive Design vs a Mobile Site

Our team is currently working on a series of white papers and have just finished our first one, which introduces businesses to two strategies for designing and developing a site that targets mobile traffic. We invite you to learn how to decide which strategy works best for you.

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Located in Portland, Oregon, Planet Argon designs and develops web-based products for desktop and mobile platforms.

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How We Work

Our method can be summed up in three words: collaborate, iterate, evaluate. These three actions are the foundation for our work; the discovery, design, development, deployment, and dialogue needed to make our projects succeed.



An idea is a seed waiting to sprout. To foster its growth, we start by deepening our understanding through collaborative research and ideation. Depending on the project, we might kick things off with a strategy workshop, which provides your idea the roots it needs for the next steps, or jump right to the design strategy.


Discovery starts by defining the project.
What is the project?
Why are you considering it—who does it benefit and how?
Asking tough questions helps us understand what it might take to help you not only get the end-result you're looking for, but ensuring that it delivers like you expect it to.


Are we the right studio for you? Before we dig too deep, we'll evaluate your project to make sure we can feasibly deliver what you need based on your provided budget and schedule.



With your idea firmly rooted, we start working with you—not for you—to collaboratively put your idea on screen. Our designers work hand-in-hand with all of the stakeholders—our development team included—to maintain a holistic view of the project and we encourage everyone to share ideas and uncover weaknesses. Together we'll build the blueprints needed to ensure a successful deployment.


Software is used by people, so it should be designed for people. We practice human-centered design through thoughtful design strategy, conceptualizing the idea into wireframes and making it come alive in mockups. Unlike other studios, we won't rush to build your website. Our goal is to experiment and try a lot of options together. The ability to get it right here determines how smoothly development will proceed, saving you time and money.


We'll collaborate with you through each design phase, but we'll also collaborate internally with our development team to make sure the design is feasible. We won't move past design until we get a green light from both parties.



Development isn't done in isolation. Our design and development team work together in the same room. We walk through each component to create the plan of attack. How much will it cost? How long will it take? We ask each other questions and offer suggestions, using our giant whiteboard to work through tough problems.


We understand the importance of getting usable software in front of real users as fast as possible. Applying Agile methodologies to our development practice (and to our process as a whole), allows us to budget and plan your project; which allows you, in-turn, to plan and budget for you're next idea. We'll establish clear expectations, well-defined deliverables and a predictable schedule.


Together we'll evaluate each step of the development process as it happens. We'll incorporate real-time feedback before we hit the big red deploy button. Changes now are easier and cheaper to implement than months later.



Just like a well designed building needs a good foundation, your application needs a solid deployment strategy. We'll work with you to create one.


Together we'll make sure that all the work has been completed and signed off.


Now that your project has taken life, we'll evaluate the project from the beginning as an idea to the end as a living and breathing app. We'll evaluate its effectiveness, congratulate our successes, and examine our struggles. Every project has a lesson we can learn from.



Are there bugs, improvements, and fixes for your project? By collaborating together we'll gain the clarification needed to find the right solutions.


Our role doesn't end when we deploy, so why should the conversation? Our iterative process embraces growth and works with your evolving business needs.


Our Project Managers are the gatekeepers. They'll work with you to understand your needs, evaluate the work, and help you prioritize tickets based on your budget and resource constraints.

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Olivia Halfen

Olivia is our Senior Project Manager and has a notoriously infectious laugh! Her project management skills were rightly evident at an early age, at a time when she was managing her and her sister’s Lego building and Barbie playing escapades.

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