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Skoshbox relaunches on new platform

Posted by Robby Russell on April 09, 2015

Skoshbox delivers a nicely curated box filled with Japanese snacks each month and sells individual products. In late 2014, Skoshbox selected Planet Argon to help launch them on a new platform.

Why? Well, their business quickly took off in 2014 and their original platform (a combination of WordPress + duct tape + e-commerce plugins) wasn’t keeping up with their growth rate on the operational side of the business. Customer data was spread across a few platforms and this was increasing their support costs. They knew this wasn’t sustainable so began talking with companies like Chargify to find out if their product could help them out. After a few discussions and realizing that they needed more than just help with their subscription billing, Skoshbox was referred to us to help them strategize, design, and implement a new platform that will allow them to scale their business in the coming years.

After a few iterations of design and development, we just launched Skoshbox on a shiny new platform. We’ll be sharing more about our solution on our blog in the near future. In the meantime, we recommend that you sign up for their monthly subscription service.

Who doesn’t like sweet snacks in the mail each month?

New Edgefield Theater Microsite

Posted by Annie Cocchia on December 12, 2014

Same bat time, same bat channel. The Edgefield Power Station becomes the fourth McMenamins theater to update its interiors (new luxury rocker seats anyone?) and offer first-run movies out at its Poor Farm property. And yes, with this change, a new microsite was born. With a new Edgefield theme, you can browse the microsite for showtimes, pub info, or buy tickets to the next movie. Take a look, or better yet, go enjoy a movie (or make a weekend of it and and take advantage of all the cool things that Edgefield has to offer).

HomeZada’s New Site Launches!

Posted by Annie Cocchia on December 09, 2014

The vision at HomeZada is to provide the homeowner a valuable tool to manage their home and the assets and possessions in it. As they say on their site “It all started with air filters, home projects, and a mountain of paper.” When they approached our team this year, they already had an app that allowed homeowners to track possessions and valuables, keep up on routine maintenance, and manage projects. They approached us with the goal to expand the homeowning life cycle; managing the sale of a home.

The goal was to use the existing app to allow homeowners to publish their own listing of the house and provide even more details (all of those details they’d already been updating) to prospective buyers, a unique value that other listings can’t always provide. With that information, we designed ZadaListings, a public listings area to allow prospective buyers to search through the details of properties including information and photos on rooms and spaces, documentation on the property, even remodel and maintenance information – things we all would love to know before we look at a house.

With the new ZadaListing space and design, this gave our teams a chance to refocus the marketing pages, restructure content and redefine site architecture, all while applying the new design styles sitewide.

Welcome to your new home, HomeZada!

Get Ready to be ZYNSPIRED!

Posted by Annie Cocchia on December 04, 2014

We are so pleased to announce the launch of ZYN22’s new website; highlighting a new branch of cycling studios that uses high-intensity interval training of cardio, weight training, and cycling WITH amazing sound, lighting, and inspirational instructors. This project started for us in early 2014 and entailed creating a full marketing and customer application centered around their brand of transforming mind, body, and soul. Partnering with a branding agency and a third party software platform, we created the designs and front-end code to allow customers to find a class at their local ZYN22 studio, book a specific bike, learn about instructors, manage their own heart rate performance, shop in the ZYN22 store and more.

Get the ZYNFO and if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – book a class!

McMenamins Private Events Microsite Launches!

Posted by Annie Cocchia on December 03, 2014

We are happy to announce the launch of the new McMenamins Private Events microsite. With several properties around the Northwest, you can rent a space for any type of event big or small, formal or casual, inside or out. What is special about these properties is not only the unique McMenamins settings (a wedding in an octagonal barn you say?), but also the dedicated team of McMenamins staff that will help you from day 1 planning to the day of the event. So why a microsite? With all that they provide, their web presence was missing that unique connection to their users, and as a result, information and details were lost and hard to find.

When the topic came up, we knew they wanted a redesign, one that was elegant and professional, to stand apart from the more whimsical nature of McMenamins. We also knew this was a chance to step back and approach the user and guide them along, rather than force them to jump in and try and find the information they seek on their own. The new microsite is now full of rich visuals highlighting the very spaces these events are held, complemented by a sophisticated new color palette and clean typography. The site architecture leads the user down a path, starting with the type of event; probably the one thing they know to start. From there they can peruse the different types of properties available all around the Northwest at a glance. With easy filtering on areas and amenities it’s a quick way to find properties that may work. Digging further, users can learn more about the spaces within each property, all while finding resources like helpful ways to connect, inspiring photos, or a useful venue planning toolbox with all the information needed.

Check out the new redesign for yourself (or…if you still need a place to hold that surprise birthday party…)

Japanese Snacks Anyone?

Posted by Annie Cocchia on November 25, 2014

Our team is pleased to start working with Skoshbox, a monthly box subscription service of Japanese sweet and savory snacks. They are a “a taste of japan at your doorstep”. They also have an online shop where users can buy their favorite snacks from their favorite boxes.

Pocky sticks all around!

St.John’s Theater Microsite Launches

Posted by Annie Cocchia on September 26, 2014

A lasting landmark from the 1905 World’s Fair in Portland, the St. John’s Theater became the next in line recently for an update in interiors and showings. Now the third in a series of theater microsite, we launched the the St. John’s microsite utilizing the patterns previously created for the Mission and Bagdad. Learn more about this NoPo theater and its latest showings.

Hello to Screaming Circuits

Posted by Annie Cocchia on July 20, 2014

Our team welcomed Screaming Circuits to our list of fantastic clients. Screaming Circuits is an Oregon-based manufacturer of quick-turn prototype and shortrun production pc board assembly market. They assemble prototype and short-run production pc boards in as little as 24 hours, in quantities as few as one board with no NRE or setup fees. And they were the first in their industry to offer online instant quote and ordering. And even cooler they’ve “built boards that have gone up into space, down into the ocean and everywhere in between.” That’s a lot to shout (or scream?) about!

Mission Theater Microsite is Born

Posted by Annie Cocchia on June 12, 2014

It all started with the Bagdad Theater. Now McMenamin’s Mission Theater in the heart of the alphabet district has made the switch to become a first-run theater, showing latest releases in its revamped space. New screen, new sound system, new seating, and yes, a new microsite! Using our template we created last year for the Bagdad, we implemented a new theme and design for the Mission Theater’s showings and pages. Take a peek and see what’s playing!

Javelin Security Launches

Posted by Annie Cocchia on February 24, 2014

At a time when cyber attacks are on the rise and new techniques continuously emerge in the hacker community, the team at Trail of Bits knew that companies could make smarter decisions if armed with the right information. Enter Javelin, a first of its kind computer security service that simulates real-world attacks on a company’s security infrastructure, designed to reveal the weaknesses and provide the tools to strengthen it.

Javelin is a highly automated, low touch, easy-to-use application that shows how modern attackers would approach and exploit an enterprise. Through a series of tests, Javelin will identify employees that are most likely to be targets of spearphishing campaigns, highlight weaknesses in security infrastructure, and compare overall vulnerability against industry competitors. At the end of each test, Javelin provides customized recommendations to improve security and accelerate threat detection.

“Phishing works,” said Dan Guido, one of Trail of Bit’s founders. “While companies train employees to recognize these scams, attackers are constantly refining their tactics. Until now, companies could not see their security vulnerabilities from a hacker’s perspective, nor assess the full impact of a realistic attack in real time.”

Learn more about our work with Trail of Bits in our portfolio.

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