Robby Russell

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Managing Partner, Chief Evangelist

Robby Russell, Managing Partner, Chief Evangelist

As a teenager, Robby started his first business selling stickers via mail-order. In an effort to take his business online, he learned how to build a web application that would allow customers to purchase his stickers online. At the same time Robby was also running a music zine that he wanted to take online, so he learned how to build a content management system to publish his articles on the web. From these early endeavors on, Robby’s motivation has been about taking ideas and executing them online—loving programming as a tool, not for its own sake.

Fast-forward several years to 2002: Robby continues this trend by starting Planet Argon with Allison Beckwith so they can combine their design and development skills to help clients bring their ideas to fruition. In late 2004, he was introduced to Ruby on Rails and soon started a blog, robbyonrails.com, to share his learnings about—what at the time was—an exciting new framework. In the years following Robby has had the opportunity to speak about Rails in the US, Canada, and the UK.

These days, Robby is focused on technical strategy, mentoring the development team, and building relationships with current and new clients.

Robby is also the creator of Oh My Zsh, a popular open source project used by developers as part of their everyday toolset. 

Outside of the studio, Robby is Secretary of the Board of Directors for Portland Homeless Family Solutions a local non-profit.

Robby also enjoys writing and playing music in an instrumental post-rock band, hiking, photography, reading, movies, and keeping up on his favorite soccer teams, which include Liverpool and the Portland Timbers.

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