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Ruby on Rails Developer

Neil Mahoney, Ruby on Rails Developer

Neil’s path to Planet Argon twisted through dense Northeastern city and denser Northeastern forest. Raised in Boston, he made his way to a small liberal arts school in the mountains of Vermont, where various parts of his mind studied computer science, writing, music, film, and mathematics. He hopes that someday these threads will all rejoin.

When Neil was five, his parents bought a new refrigerator. Given a pair of scissors and a pencil, Neil built a cardboard house from its box, complete with a gabled roof, skylight, and latched door. He briefly inhabited this house before being lured out by a new episode of DuckTales. True to this day, he is happiest while being resourceful, owning less, and doing more, with the recent exception of hoarding music gear.

After six years of working exclusively on the .NET platform, Neil has decided to cast his lot with Ruby on Rails and the world of open source. He has previously written software to provide for statistical analysis, manufacturing QA, eCommerce, and graphic design. He has moved between customer support, front and back-end development, and project management, trying to keep one eye a mile up and one eye an inch down.

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

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